Nov 22, 2016

Retracing The Fatal Shot: The Other Grassy Knoll--The Experts TalkBlood Spatter at JFK Lancer 2016 November In Dallas

Viewing the "grassy knoll" from the other grassy knoll on the other side of Dealey Plaza

Blood Spatter expert, Sherry Fiester believes the fatal shot came from this area, this is the other grassy knoll on the other side of the plaza

Attending the JFK Lancer November in Dallas Conference 2016 offered many opportunities.  

One of the best things about the symposium was the tour of Dealey Plaza on Sunday and we had several experts to show us around and offer their opinion of the events that took place on the fateful day in November of 1963.

As Chris Gallop took us around we went from the famous picket fence area of the grassy knoll across the railroad bridge where the three tramps were found and circled all the way over to the other grassy knoll completely on the other side of Dealey Plaza.

Standing on the railroad bridge was really exciting.  After seeing the bridge and hearing about it in so many shows I could not believe that I was actually standing in that place.

Chris told us that criminologist and blood spatter expert Sherry Fiester believes that the fatal shot came from this area in the picture above.  He said he really cannot go against Sherry's philosophy as she proved her case so well in her book "Enemy Of The Truth."

Sherry Fiester worked for many years as a criminal investigator, blood spatter and the science of murder was her speciality.

Being a fan of Sherry Fiester's it is easy to enjoy her conversation as she often guests on radio shows discussing the murder and the crime scene investigation of JFK.

Thanks, Chris Gallop, for taking time to show us around Dealey Plaza and sharing your expert knowledge with our group.

The Lancer Conference was really well worth the trip.

from the Lancer page:

Chris Gallop ~ Oswald's Marine Photo
Chris, a paramedic for 28 years, began researching the assassination at the young age of 17, mentored by author/researcher J. Gary Shaw who he met in 1987. Chris was introduced to 1st generation researchers such as Penn Jones, Jr., Mary Farrell, Bud Fensterwald, Larry Harris, and Larry Howard where he honed his research skills. Learning from the masters and contributing to the future, Chris is holding his 4th Annual Luncheon & Symposium, November 17th, from 11am to 4pm, at Stephen’s Garden Grill in Mansfield, TX. He is also an administrator of several Facebook forums and groups which include “JFK-The Continuing Inquiry”, “A Tribute to Roger Craig”, “John F. Kennedy-Europe”, and “LBJ and the Murder of JFK”. He is the owner of with photographs, interviews, and research links, as well as his Book and Gift Shop inventory of rare and out of print books, magazines, autographed memorabilia, and many other items of interest. ris will have a table in the JFK Lancer “November In Dallas” 2016 Conference book room again this year offering many items of interest. He is devoted to the JFK research community, lending his expertise and working closely with JFK Lancer to provide and assist with the important witnesses and research sources. 

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