Nov 22, 2016

Gary Shaw Honored at 2016 JFK Lancer November In Dallas

Thanks, Gary, for all of your hard work.
Gary Shaw in the blue shirt honored with the Pioneer Award at JFK Lancer November in Dallas Conference

What an honor and a pleasure to be able to hear famed JFK Assassination Researcher, J. Gary Shaw, speak at this years JFK Lancer November in Dallas Conference.

Many folks have followed Gary Shaw for decades as he took the time to explain to the American public what really happened on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

The thing I have always loved about Gary is his ability to make the sometimes tedious facts into a story that I can understand.  It does not take long to read the comments of many of the others who have said the same thing.

I will never forget one person who said Gary Shaw is the one who got me interested in the whole JFK mystery decades ago.  

He said in his very informative talk on Saturday evening at the conference when he accepted his award that he was not only interested in the assassination and the discrepancy with the lone gunman theory of the Warren Commission but that he had also lived the news as a young man in Dallas.

Gary said it was not uncommon for him and his friends and their wives to go out "honky-tonkin'."

They would all get dressed up and visit the night clubs in Dallas for dinner and a show.  This would often include the Carousel Club of Jack Ruby and that Jack did not mind sitting down for a chat at the table.

Gary Shaw said he still has files of folks that he interviewed that were either witnesses to the murder of directly involved who have passed away.  

Gary took the time to write book and interview individuals so that all may have a better idea of what actually happened.

I have been following Gary Shaw for an awfully long time now and it was so lucky to hear him speak in person.

Just wanted to say thank you Gary for all of your hard work and for this time well spent.  

Many of us out there, just the regular people without a voice, value your efforts and the information you have provided for us.

Well done, Gary.

We look forward to what you have to say in the future as your research and interesting conversation continues.

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