Nov 11, 2016

David Talbot Talks Watching The News, CNN and Alternative Networks

On the bright side...we can finally unplug from know-nothing talking heads like these. Our election season addiction to these blithering idiots reportedly filled the CNN coffers with gazillions of dollars. From now on, I'm spending more time with Democracy Now and Pacifica Radio shows like Doug Henwood's "Behind the News," which today offered a must-listen hour of truly smart people on the future of progressive America under Supreme Leader Trump. The consensus: we need to open a two-front war. One to block Trump. And the other to reclaim the Democratic Party for the 99%, beginning with a progressive takeover of the DNC. Failing that, we start our own party. November 8, 2016 marked the dead end of the politics of lesser-evilism. Listen to this show:

copied from the facebook page of David Talbot.......

Roscoe Beauregard I have been promoting Pacifica, Democracy Now! and BBC NEWS ( I pay direct tv to get this source) and then there is the stream of FRANCE 24 English even thru their face page.. Many of us have shouted that the NETWORKS are owned by a limited group of investors.... I can get FRANCE 24 English thru an app called FilmonTV. there is a FACE page to this source as well... that is how I discovered France. FilmonTV.. (does not highlight)...

Chloe Louise Most of the so-called news posted by CNN about the individual in question was never really news but just trumpisms and sensational tidbits--but they played it over and over again I guess for ratings and dollars instead of the actual news. Two examples: during the Brussels airport bombing Hillary Clinton and John Kasich gave presidential remarks that were not only reassuring and honest but showed leadership. CNN must have focused on that for at least 30 seconds before plunging back into the twitter wars between donald and ted cruz about their wives that were going on at the time. Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley noted this. Recently, John Kasich went to Washington to promote TPP and talk to the senate with a crossover move in favor of President Obama. That barely got any attention--it was a shame because I thought that was important news and a pertinent issue. I wanted to hear more about it. trump took over the airwaves every day with nothingness or something disgusting and CNN fell for it hook line and sinker. trump is essentially a carnival barker, someone who is an expert and determining instantly what to say in order to get someone to fork over the cash or the vote in this case. that is his game, it worked, and now we will suffer for it. He knew the lie to tell, he knew what to say and the folks were willing to accept it. As mentioned earlier--let's see if he can reinvent the steel mills. I hope he can.

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