Jun 19, 2016

Scrappy Doo: Would you like to give this dog a kiss................

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This is Scrappy Doo.

Isn't he cute.

Would you like to give him a kiss, a real big one, right on his nose?

I would, too.

He lives at the San Diego County Animal Shelter on Gaines St and he has been there since March 19.

I guess you are wondering...what is his history.............

Well, apparently he is a man of the street--or as some refer to this precarious circumstance, as "stray."

Regardless, as everyone can see he is a brilliant individual.
baby owls at the Grape St Dog Park in San Diego

The thing I liked about him the most is that he seems to be cool, calm and collected and it is also said that he is good with other dogs.

I wonder if he would ever be a candidate for the dog park?

One of the reasons he is so handsome is because he is Pit Bull blend or AmStaff mix or American Staffordshire Terrier Mix.

At any rate he is one special guy.

Already neutered and ready for his new home--I think he would be a good friend.

here is a link to the adoptables page at the Shelter:


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