Jun 11, 2016

George Noory Update: Continues to bash My Girl Hi...

George Noory Update: Continues to bash My Girl Hillary Clinton

Last evening George Noory of Coast to Coast AM fame, the supposed paranormal themed late night radio talk show, continued his bashing of Hillary and Bill Clinton with his ultra right-wing guest Jerome Corsi.

George has been heralding Jerome's new book about what he feels are improprieties of the Clintons and insists his facts will be earth shaking.

He claims the main theme of his book will be used by Donald Trump in his promised speech vilifying Hillary Clinton and also being kind enough to shed light on this subject.

Seriously, why does George Noory think I want to hear his political opinion.  It is not like he is reporting the news--he kind of lumps this kind of info in with his pre-guest pseudo news-cast and tidbits.  It might be more palatable if he would share both sides of the issue in his political editorializing.

George Noory acts like Coast to Coast AM is a platform for what he considers to be much needed insight into the election.

George, I love Hillary Clinton and I have been waiting for her forever and I love President Obama, too.  Not only do I like him as a person but I also agree with his policies.

Could it be that George Noory loves guns as he often proclaims and enjoys this chat topic often on his show.

And let us not forget the George Noory also has to keep promoting "the world is going to hell in a handbasket" philosophy but that is always one of the main themes of the paranormal talk shows.

You know what, Art Bell at least made the show interesting.  We know George has a political opinion and I guess he can share it if he has to but it would be nice if George Noory can appreciate that others, this blog lady, might have an opposite opinion and his comments are offensive.

Why not have someone from Hillary's side on for equal time--for equal editorializing?  Does George think all of his listeners are all Republicans and Conservatives?  George claimed he would like to run for President of this United Stateson the Democratic ticket.

George, just letting you know if that thought ever comes to fruition, this is one radio listener and Democrat that will not be voting for you.

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