Jun 9, 2016

Art Bell vs George Noory: The Conversation Continues

Talking about George Noory and his paranormal/political radio talk show..........

What day did Coast to Coast AM, the whacky, entertaining, perfect to fall asleep by, UFO, ghost show become a political show?

Was that the day George Noory took over from long time ultra popular nighttime radio host Art Bell or was it when George's ego morphed into something so giant he thought he was someone qualified to run for President of the United States.

What is going on here in night time radio land........

So, as usual, my girl Hillary Clinton achieved a place in history by any one's standards by becoming a candidate of a national political party to run for President, the first woman, wow--amazing.

But instead of focusing on Hillary's achievements and hard work George Noory had to mention his friend and frequent guest has a book due out soon that will be so monumental in bashing the Clintons the political world as we know it may end.

The problem for this radio listener and blogger--I love Hillary Clinton.

Your show is ultra offensive and one-sided.

George very infrequently has a guest from the other side to talk about the good things the dems have done.  Jerome Corsi runs the extreme right wing newspaper World Net Daily, not exactly an unbiased friend of the Clintons.

In the first place why is George giving us politics on Coast to Coast and in the second place why not have both sides--equal time, etc,

George Noory may want to consider in his wildest dreams and smaller ego we are not interested in his political bias and we do not want it forced on us in the night when we are half asleep.

Perhaps, instead of entertaining thoughts of his own political grandeur, making money through a dating service he should study the interviewing skills of Art Bell--maybe he should listen to the guest.  does George Noory know that listening to an old rerun of Art Bell is actually more entertaining that listening to his live show.

Why is that George........

Art had the knack of the interview equally shared by Larry King and George Strombo.  They listen to the guest and they give the appearance that this individual is the most important person in the world and that the listening public will better off with this new information.  Larry King could make the average every day guy sound like what he had to say was monumental.

That is the skill of the host.

The show is about the guest, not the host:  rule 1 in radio talk show interview.

It is not just me:
her we go with some old and new info and thoughts about the skill of Art Bell--the conversation continues--yes, we still miss you, Art Bell


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