Jun 30, 2016

Ana Navarro lays out Corey Lewandowski: That's my fantasy--Media Unanimously Hates CNN For Corey Lewandowski Hire

copied from the young turks...........

Love your vids. Here's the thing, I love CNN and have been watching them forever, love Wolf Blitzer, but lately....what are they thinking? Who is running the show there. Instead of reporting important information they focused on Trump's statements about how John Kasich eats. That is not news, but they went on with those kind of statements endlessly.

I hope Corey Lewandowski ends up on a panel with Ana Navarro and S.E. Cupp. While I am a dem I still like these ladies and value what they say. To me, they are the new face of the Republican Party. They will slam the screen door in his face so fast he won't be able to run away quick enough. That is probably what CNN wants anyway, fireworks for ratings.

Doubt if Corey will last long, but the question remains--where will we get our
Point Loma, San Diego--near Point Loma Seafoods

Jake Tapper and David Gregory are impressive as news people. It is fine if the reps from campaigns frame their statements as opinion, but when Jeffery Lord wants to state his opinion as fact it is annoying. I guess they got good ratings from the fireworks between Jeffery Lord and Van Jones as they played it often. Perhaps this is their goal with Lewandowski.

Everything about Trump is a food fight and CNN is buying into it but they should say what is opinion and what is news or facts.

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