May 5, 2016

Ted Talks! Well Done but just a little bit too late.......

Chloe Louise:  the ronnie republic

Ted Cruz called out donald trump yesterday after he could no longer tolerate his outrageous accusations abut his family.

Unfortunately, it was a little too late as now Ted Cruz and John Kasich are out of the race and any chance for a 

reasonable exchange of ideas on the Republican side has gone down the drain.
could this be the end of the Republican party

Seriously, donald trump should have been called out ages ago, the media created a monster 

and our country and the world will be the ones to suffer for it. 

Republican or Democrat, donald trump has already caused embarrassment for us 

on the world stage. 

When donald started saying his crazy and unrealistic ideas the RNC should have said, "look, 

you can run for President but not as a Republican with those beliefs.....that is simply not 

what we are about." 

I am afraid of donald trump and his hitler-esque approach. Seriously, policy and politics 

can be a touch boring and yes, 

the donald makes a story setting his hair on fire every day--apparently this has worked well 

for television news ratings. 

But at the end of the day it is not news, it is not policy and there is no substance to his 


And just wondering, why has there not been more serious debates on the GOP side............

The dems have debated policy and philosophy endlessly and the voting public 

should have demanded the repubs do the same. 

I am sorry for all of us that we have to be bamboozled by the trumpster--

it is a loss for the citizens of our country and everywhere the united States has interaction. 

In the long run I have gotten to know Ted Cruz better and I always enjoy listening to him 

talk. And this is coming form someone that is voting for Hillary. 

Good job today, Ted, and well done, I am angry, too.

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