May 3, 2016

My Cat is Psychic

Just wanted to say thank you to the Kansas Humane Society for helping me with my cat, 

EDBD, when he passed away. 

I brought him to Wichita with me to stay with my son for a few months along with a 

younger cat, Bams, and my pit bull mix, Ronnie. 

Debating to bring EDBD when I left San Diego as he was already quite old.......... 

He was 18 as he had originally been the pet of my kids when they were small children. I 

think he may have been suffering from dementia, as well. 

He actually made the trip fine as all of the furry kids were good friends but after not very 

long at my son's house his health really started declining. 

I knew the end was near but I was so sad to let him go. 

I kept calling the Humane Society because I just did not know what to do and they were so 

helpful and nice saying I could bring him in. Finally, one morning I knew he was really 

suffering and I knew the decision had to be made. The people in the intake area were so 

nice to me and EDBD I will never forget it. 

It just meant so much to me as he was a very 

large and important part of our family. 

I would like them to know how much I appreciated their good advice and their kindness. I 

still love him and I am so happy I got to know him and I see him in my dreams often and 

he tells me very important things. I know it sounds funny but he has told me very 

important things that were going to happen. Then the folks in the Intake area sent me a 

very beautiful card. Thank you for everything you did for me and my family and the way 

you treated my EDBD. It was just very nice and it was very important to me. I will never 

forget your kindness. 

EDBD says thank you, too.

My cat is psychic.

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