May 12, 2016

America's Date with The Devil: Is CNN the Maitre d'.......

Listening to news, usually CNN, and troubled about the political coverage.

Recently, on CNN after the Brussels incident presidential historian, Douglas Brinkley said the only two candidates to offer reasuring words and actually have a reasonable plan and sound presidential are Hillary Clinton and John Kasich.  Their panel of experts must have talked about that for at least 30 seconds and then went straight back to talk about Ted Cruz and Donald Trump and their wives fighting via twitter.

The 24 hour cable news stations have fallen for the donald hook line and sinker.  I guess it is ratings and he is a good story given policy can be a little boring.  Donald says something stupid each day and that is all they talk about.

At the end of the day it is really not news and the viewer is the loser.

Also, the other folks running for office cannot really talk in the same Archie Bunker lingo that the donald uses because they have to represet their voters as elected officials and if they said the things donald said they would be thrown out of office for being racist.

Why do they not explain all of that on the news, why politicians talk the way they do and the whole world is listening, etc.

Also, as the field narrowed I wonder why they did not have serious debates on the GOP side.  We know every detail of what Hillary and Bernie think and Kasich or Cruz could have easily held their own in debates--the donald--not so much.

Also, I wonder why donald was not called out as soon as he started talking about rounding people up because that is certainly not the stance of the Republican Party.  He never really went along with the GOP platform.

Why did they have their big study after Mitt Romney lost the last election.

Today, KOGO 600 in San Diego is hosting a panel discussing the media--hopefully some of these questions will be answered.

Really sad to miss this event, Ted Garcia of the morning news who is conducting the panel said it will be on the website of KOGO.

Coincidentally, The Los Angeles World Affairs Council will have an event this evening featuring Karl Rove talking about the same subject.  Always wanting to attend one of these functions hopefully there will be a way to see this discussion at a later date, as well.

Personally, one would like to ask CNN, why are you reporting trump's comments about the way John Kasich eats as opposed to why your are not hosting debates on the GOP side about policy and philosphies of each candidates campaign?  

What is the real reason you are not having informational debates and focusing on spaghetti?

I guess that would not bring in quite as many ratings, but in the end were the pancake statements really newsworthy.

CNN might want to ask themselves these in depth questions.

Perhaps, there should be  a study about what happened to cable news as well as the Republican Party.

chloe louise--Hillary girl forever

photos from the Grape park in San Diego

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