Mar 11, 2016

Ronnie from The Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up Schools donald trump on Violence and Consequences

English: A dog park in Gan Meir park in Tel Av...
English: A dog park in Gan Meir park in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Arroz con Pollo (spanisch für „Reis mit Huhn“)
Arroz con Pollo (spanisch für „Reis mit Huhn“) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
No, we have got to be able to say what we think--and who knows--in the long run we may end up changing our minds anyway.

Ronnie, from The Ronnie Republic and The Ronnie Republic Radio Round-Up talks manners, acting correctly at the dog park and violence in the political scene today.

Both Ronnie and David Gergan said today they have never witnessed this kind of violence at a political rally as told by CNN when a reporter was ruffed up at a donald trump gathering.

Seriously, I can tell you from personal experience violence is just not acceptable.

Sure, you can go down to the dog park and through a gift of God, there are some of us who can mix it up pretty good.  Right, it's an ego trip for a few minutes but in the long run what does it get you.

In today's political environment one has got to think things through before they act--like Hillary said, there can be devastating consequences.

First, if fighting is involved, your mom is going to be angry and who wants to suffer that--do you want chicken jerky when you get home or not.

My mom makes me homemade chicken and rice and I am just not willing to do anything that might jeopardize that situation.

Do you even want to go to the dog park again, or what.....because after fisticuffs certain individuals--people and dogs--are asked to leave.

Trust me on this one--I have seen it happen--the uniformed authorities can be involved, as well,  Then it is a forever situation.

At the end of the day one has to ask I want to watch the debate on the electric blanket with the cats and my mom....or do I want to end up alone in the proverbial dog house.

donald--it's up to you.

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