Mar 21, 2016

Here Is Why Hillary Clinton Should Win

So I have been supporting Hillary Clinton for President of the United States for a very long time and I do not mind telling you why.

Hillary Clinton is me--yes, she is Secretary of State and I am a retired nurse but we essentially have lived the same path.  When she talked about calling home from work every day at 3 PM to see if her daughter got home from school okay I said to myself.....Lady, if you ever run for President I am behind you 100 per cent.

It is just that simple because I spent my whole life as a single mom trying to work to get enough money and at the same time trying to be there with the kids,  It seems like I was always at the wrong place when the kids needed me the most.  It was just almost impossible to be at work and be home.

But, fortunately, like Hillary I did have someone to encourage me and that would be my Grandmother who told me to get an education and go to college so I did have enough money.  My Grandmother always believed in me,

I love to hear the story of Hillary's mom--it is very inspirational.

I love Hillary to bits and her policies are my ideas, as well.

I particularly like the way Hillary Clinton has supported Planned Parenthood--this is where we cannot go backwards--it is important for the safety and advancement of women everywhere.

Thank you, Hillary for working so hard for women everywhere.

I love Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem, too.

Your success is important to me and for women and children around the world.

You represent me.

Chloelouise--Hillary girl forever.

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