Mar 23, 2016

CNN: Hair On Fire News

Chloe Louise 

Just wanted to say Douglas Brinkley on CNN yesterday said the only two people running for President who actually acted Presidential regarding the tragedy in Brussells were John Kasich and Hillary Clinton. 
I'm watching you CNN

They had good things to say about bringing the nation together and standing with the other countries affected by terrorism and reasonable plans about what to do while trump and Cruz talked about defunding NATO and carpet bombing and water boarding

These two played on the fears of the general population while John Kasich had a positive and realistic plan, and also Clinton. 

Then, as usual, CNN went on to spend the rest of the time talking about the ridiculous statements of donald trump

To me, it was very discouraging because I again am thinking the donald is a product of the 24/7 news cycle and hair on fire headlines. 

It is very annoying because not only are people's lives at stake but they are also not reporting or talking about the news. 

Douglas Brinkley is a presidential historian and this was a panel about the election results.

Readers, I am afraid of donald trump.

While Ted Cruz is a brilliant speaker is is really not electable in a general election.

The political conversation in our great country should be about issues and policy and who could actually govern without provoking thoughts and ideas to incite fear and hatred.

donald trump successfully creates a headline daily, and stupidly CNN falls for it everyday.

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