Mar 11, 2016

Beautiful Bluebird Ana Navarro Slams the Screendoor at donald trump for promoting violence

English: The CNN Center in Atlanta.
English: The CNN Center in Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
CNN today.

Stunningly beautiful in her bright blue suit, Republican commentator Ana Navarro said there was always violence now at the rallies of donald trump and we can expect more.

Telling the story of a female reporter that was met with rough treatment at a rally, Ana said this cannot be tolerated.

Ana Navarro said it was a right in our country to protest and we all can see this everyday if we just walk by the Whitehouse.

Anna went on to explain that this is an everyday occurrence--folks want to have a voice if they do not like what the man or woman in the Whitehouse is doing--these individuals cannot be faced with baseball bats just because they have an opposing view.

Also on CNN this morning Professor Washington said it was shameful for violence to be taking place at a political rally in this day and age.

For the Ronnie Republic Ana Navarro, SE Cupp and John Kasich and Marco Rubio are the new face of the Republican Party.

These individuals are modern and saying their views about policy--they are accepting men and women that do not look like them.

Anna Navarro said she will be voting for her friend Marco Rubio who fared very well at the GOP debate last evening.Image result for ana navarro

Chloe Louise is leading the Cats for Kasich contingent and her contacts have said to her there is a good chance the pit bull league will go that way as well.

David Gergan said today on CNN there is a very good chance that John Kasich will be the one to take one of the wheels off the trump mobile.
Ronnie:  Pitbulls for peaceful politics--we can't let violence stop us from moving forward politically

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