Feb 12, 2016

Carl DeMaio and KOGO 600: Lose the Gotcha Mentality

Seriously, Carl DeMaio and KOGO 600 AM News/Talk Radio in San Diego should lose the "gotcha" mentality.  It does not serve anyone well in the long run, Carl, the station or the listeners.

It turned out to be very informative about San Diego Radio, their philosophy and news/talk radio, in general, to follow a recent converstaion on San Diego Radio. org.  This is a blog by Joe Nelson, a San Diego Radio veteran.

Carl DeMaio is on KOGO 600 in San Diego from 3-6 PM weekdays.
it is baby owl season in San Diego--from The Grape Street Dog Park 

here is a recap of the conversation...................


Chloe Louise said...
I loved Carl when he was with Sully on KOGO because I think he is a gifted radio personality even though we are on different sides of the fence politically. Once Sully left and he was on his own the show is so crazy one-sided ultra right wing with the accent on punishing.

Every time I turn on the radio and hear his voice he is going on about Hillary: how she is going to jail, laughing at her, making fun of her personal traits......why?

It's not a fair show or a news show or a political show when he talks that way, it is just his own hatred of women.

If they want to have a show like that they might as well bring back chip franklin.

KOGO just can't help themselves.
Anonymous said...
When you have Rush and Hannity as your lead-ins, you tend to pander to those listeners to try and bring them to your show. Dont look for Carl to be fair and balanced. He may be directed by management to "righten up".
Chloe Louise said...
Then I must ask this question: Does KOGO want to be known as a station that promotes the bashing of women--because in the long run how will that work out well for the station and for Carl.

Sully may have been a Republican, too, but he was at least conversational, not to mention his work and interest in trying to help the homeless folks in the city. That is a giant problem for San Diego and for the safety of the individuals, as well.

Particularly, when this is someone who ran for mayor of our city--as an elected public figure he would have had to represent all of the people of the city--rich, poor democrat or republican.

Either way, KOGO and Carl DeMaio are a sham....and boring as a radio show.

Chip Franklin bashed women on a daily basis and KOGO and The Reader looked the other way--one has to ask why.
Anonymous said...
Carl DeMaio has brought the ratings up in his timeslot big time and KOGO has skyrocketed from a 1.5 to a 3.8.

Sounds like a bunch of sour grapes posters here today.
Anonymous said...
< The Reader looked the other way--one has to ask why>

No one reads the Reader and KLSD was a big failure as was Err Amerika

It is fun to hear both sides of the political conversation--but the sense of glee Carls conveys at the possible demise of Hillary Clinton crosses the line from news or journalism or a political talk show to a one-sided rant and like Hannity and Trump it turns into ugly comments obviously just to get ratings as suggested in the previous comment.

Of all people, like Roger Hedgecock, Carl DeMaio has more to offer that the average talk show host because he really does know something about politics.  There was nothing more interesting than to hear Roger describe how politics work in the city.  Roger and Carl have a unique take on local actions, regardless of their political affiliation, that most folks just do not know, and that is really quite a lucky opportunity for the listeners.

Carl should really rise to the occasion regardless of KOGO's bid for ratings because in the long run KOGO may throw him out like others once the wind changes for some reason that has nothing to do with Carl.

Seriously, it is his own funeral in talk radio--just look at the history for KOGO.  They were very willing to cover up and deny and remove disgusting comments from their podcast in the past.  I know this for a fact because I followed it up.

Talk radio seems to be a very weird world--it does not take too long to figure that out once one focuses on it for just a little bit.  It seems like they were very willing to go along with someone like Dr. Laura until the big sponsors like Motel 6 left--then everything changed.

AS far as Hannity, this is someone particularly not to follow--this man is almost a racist although he works very hard to cover it up.  He stopped saying "taking back America" after President Obama was elected for the second time.  That is a horrible statement and it has also been noted by others. I notice Hannity has started using that phrase again perhaps empowered by donald trump.

Carl should try and take a higher road--he was interesting yesterday and has a very unique position--he has a lot to offer personally and politically.

He can be very funny, too.

If I was Carl or KOGO Hannity would be the last person I would use as a role model.

Our conversation has been so interesting and revealing re:  KOGO and talk radio in San Diego.

I wonder who anonymous is--not only do they seem to have a dog in the fight but it looks like they know everything.

The thing is I love Hillary Clinton and I have been waiting for her forever--of course folks are going to disagree, but why make it personal.

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