Feb 4, 2016

Bernie and Sid: Enter the Rude and Crude--WABC Radio New York City

Greta Van Susteren in Manchester, NH
Greta Van Susteren in Manchester, NH (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Geraldo Rivera.
Geraldo Rivera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So were these two radio rough riders sold to WABC News/Talk Radio at bargain basement prices, or what?

Because whatever this station is paying for these two wanna be talk jays is way too much.

Not only are they dull, dumb and boring but they are way over the line in bashing women.

No, they are not going to talk about my girl Greta Van Susteren in a negative fashion--mentioning her appearance as if they were Brad Pitt.

I guess WABC thought intellectual was way too expensive but in the long run without Geraldo Rivera and his investigative reporting sills and extensive knowledge of current events this station will not only suffer the ire of folks who do not want to hear women being trashed on a daily basis but also any one seeking any kind of information resembling news.

Their boys bathroom talk gets old fast and if their goal is humor they are far from it.

Seriously, it seems like WABC was trying to recreate the very successful, knowledgeable, funny and informative Curtis and Kuby Show that immediately follows but they are far from achieving success.

Sad for New York, WABC and an example for News/Talk Radio everywhere.

Predictably, this show will not last--it is way too embarrassing.

Geraldo Rivera may have been expensive and worth it but these two bozos are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

WABC had plenty of skilled radio folks as in Larry Kudlow, the beautiful Rita Cosby, Noam Laden always does a fine job and can talk on both sides of issue without insulting the listeners, and Joan Hamburg, as well--what were they thinking.

A variety of folks would have been fine, too....there is plenty of talent available.

Let these boys clean up their act, talk to a few news/talk experts, get some expertise and then they can have a show.

What a sad day for WABC, the listeners, women, and talk radio, in general--Let's think this thing through, WABC, before we make these important decisions.

the Ronnie Republic Radio /Round-Up is giving this show two thumbs down

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