Dec 18, 2015

Sad Sad News About Art Bell

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Offices and broadcast antennae of KNYE in Pahrump, Nevada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Long running? 5 months really isn't that long. And Bell has a long history of quitting and retiring for bizarre reasons. He's good, but also a drama queen.

I am terribly sad about this whole thing......drama queen.....we have heard that said before.  

What a loss--a bad day for all of his fans to find out this information.  

Honestly, I would say Art is just about one of the most gifted talk show folks out there--he has the unique ability to make every guest sound interesting--really interesting.  

I finally figured out it was not the guest it was, in fact, Art Bell and his radio talk show host talent.  he can handle all of the callers without getting angry.  

A little surprised because he has said on his website that he would be on 760 here in San Diego in December--good news as I have the radio on all of the time in my room.  It is much easier just to tune in on the radio that get the comp or the i-pad--for me, anyway.  

Kept looking for him on 760 on the radio and it was never on the website of 760 and it seemed to disappear from Art's website, too.

Frankly, I had a funny feeling this was going to happen--no I am not psychic, but it is just way too difficult and time consuming to be a one man show.  I felt like writing him and suggesting a helper--why not a show with him and John B. Wells.  

Now I am just stuck with that dumb Coast to Coast and I have terrible political issue with George Noory--George is talented also but at the end of the day he just does not have the talent of Art Bell--and he does not pay attention.

Sorry to see Art go--I am really sad and I know all of his fans are really disappointed, too.

Citing Threats, Art Bell Ends Radio Program

Radio host Art Bell suddenly ended his long-running program this weekend, citing alleged threats made against him and his family.
The Pahrump Valley Times reports the 70 year old radio personality called it quits after months of what he has described as "never-ending terrorism."
Bell says shots have been fired outside his residency, and that he has spotted trespassers near his home late at night.
He also says he received a phone call in November saying that if his radio program aired that night, both Bell and his family would be killed.
In December, Bell says he was walking on his property and someone fired shots at him, but police found neither any suspects nor any evidence a gun was fired.
The Nye County Sheriff's Department opened an investigation into the case, but has closed it due to a lack of evidence.

copied from       nevada public radio

Chlo-Chlo is so sad about Art Bell

Noam Laden 77 WABC News/Talk Radio New York Talks Serena Williams: Sports Illustrated Person of The Year

Serena Williams at the 2011 AEGON Internationa...
Serena Williams at the 2011 AEGON International in Eastbourne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Serena Williams after beating Dinara Safina on...
Serena Williams after beating Dinara Safina on Roland Garos on Sunday, June 3, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Noam Laden always giving the listeners an important point and talking to:

Yes, Noam, Serena Williams should definitely be the Sports Illustrated Person of The Year.

Noam Laden of 77 WABC News/Talk Radio fame in New York City told us this morning that some ill-directed folks were suggesting that American Pharoah, Triple Crown winner, and horse should have won out over Serena Williams.

Noam schooled the folks this morning that not only is Serena Williams a hard working person, a black female, but she is also 34 years old and still dominating tennis.

What........some silly individuals are suggesting Serena Williams does not have the right shape for women's tennis.

Some in the on-line argument have said she does not deserve it.

Good job and well done, Noam Laden, for talking about this very important point in social media and sports today.

I love Serena Williams.........have you heard her story of determination and hard work?

Well done, WABC 77 New York News/Talk Radio for good use of your home grown talent.

Good job for women everywhere and good job in representing black women in sports.

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the big "N"
Let's see .........should we choose a horse or a person........

I'm voting for Serena!

One caller said--Serena has taken tennis to a new level--I'm down with that.

A man said.....I am really into this....I have been to the French Open, Serena Williams is great--she is what America is all about.