Nov 29, 2015

Tyler Florence's Ultimate Holiday Dinner: Two Claws Up from The Cat Hair Cook

Hickory Smoked Rib Roast
Hickory Smoked Rib Roast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tyler Florence:  The Ultimate Holiday Table

Cat People--This is just about the best, easiest,  most straight forward and do-able Holiday meal out there.

With the caveat of price it is also the most reasonable and of course, prime rib is always delicious and elegant and impressive.

Prime Rib Roast is a treat for the holidays or any special occasion.

Folks, this cat lady loves cooking and eating but the holiday meal can always be a little bit tricky after cleaning, presents, all of the other people and then there is always the ultimate slam from someone re:  cat hair around the house.

I hate vacuuming....and the cats do not like it either.

We have to keep reminding ourselves of the ultimate truth and the importance of a good relationship with your cat.

When all is said and done, its the end of February and the tree is down, who is left to watch the news with--the cats--hair and all.

Oh sure, there is always the odd one that keeps insisting all they wanted for Christmas was to just be able to eat one meal without having to take a piece of cat hair out of their food--but those folks eventually leave--and you're alone--with the peace and quiet of the news and the cats.

Seriously, stunningly delicious and flavorful rib roast at Iowa Meats if the budget will allow it also very good rib roast at Vons on sale and sprouts or Henry's, too.

The best line up of olives in San Diego--please try North Park produce.  The olives are addicting.  Try every kind--it can be a hobby.

Back to Tyler's dinner.........Image result for vintage christmas angels

Everyone likes the potato dish and it is not to hard to make and quite understandable after watching the video.  this meal can be made without feeling exhausted.

Seriously, trying to leave meat out of the diet and successful most of the time I would be moving toward an untruth if I said I did not enjoy it once in a great while.

Holiday dog bone tips from the cat hair cook:

Iowa meats has perfect dog bones--huge and raw--they will cut them to order.  sometimes they are at Ralph's in Hillcrest, also.

As far as the rib roast bones--they look good for the baby pit bull and of course they want them but in this cat woman's experience they can be easily cracked as they are cooked.  the big raw thigh bones are the best.

How to train your dog to eat the bone in the proper place at a later date.

Recommending:  Just keep watching Tyler's Food Network videos of this meal and it will fall into place--he is a good cook and explains it so it is easy to understand and copy.

If time and the budget allows try to make a practice dinner in advance.

Melinda Lee also has an easy to do roasting method--it always works.

Happy Holidays and Happy Cats

here is a link to the page on the food network: