Nov 11, 2015

Asking Geraldo Rivera to Reconsider Pit Bulls

you were very smart on your show today re: immigration....I love your show and listen to you everyday--seriously, one of the best news talk shows out there but won't you please reconsider your views on pit bulls. They are one of the most abused dogs. Will you consider having more people on your show to talk about the issue so the word can get out. cl.....the ronnie re.
Ronnie--really a pretty good fellow

not attacking now

James Files: What is your take?

+Wim Dankbaar 

It does seem a little odd that he refers to David Atlee Phillips as "David Atlee Phillips" when he refers to Lee Harvey Oswald as Lee.  

David Atlee Phillips has gone down in history with the three names like other well known questionable figures, but do you think the individuals that interacted with him on a personal basis referred to him routinely with the 3 names.  

It almost seems like James Files did have a lot of his own information but I wonder if he has added to it from other sources.  

The whole thing is incredibly interesting because he really seems to know a lot of details.  

If he is not telling the truth he is an excellent story teller.  

He does not mention Maurice Bishop.  

I have watched quite a bit of JFK assassination info shows over the years and sometimes it is as if he is quoting the shows--I am just saying that because I recognize the words and the phrases.  

Just my take--what do you think?