Nov 3, 2015

Kathy Griffin Blasts Bill Cosby: "He Seems like a Serial Rapist to Me" |...

Thanks, Kathy Griffin, for giving us your take on this very creepy individual.

Check It Out: The McLaughlin Group Talks John Kasich 10/30/15

Check out The McLaughlin Group with my girl, Elanor Clift and her take on the recent CNBC Republican Debate.  Elanor acknowledged John Kasich is indeed an important player in the GOP but they all commented on the strong showing of Gov. John Kasich during the debate.

Someone had to do it.  Someone had to stand up and call out the ridiculous statements made by carson and trump in the past months.

Given the verbal attack one would have to endure for speaking the truth it must have been a calculated risk but for this American voter it was worth it.

Republican or Democrat trump and carson are embarrassments for out country.  The political conversation should be about policy and not name calling or singling out certain groups of people.

Chloe Louise--Hillary girl forever.