Jul 5, 2015

Attention: Everyone Out There in Talk Radio Land--Art Bell Is Coming Back!!!

ATTENTION ART BELL FANS! Wanna Take a Ride? Art is returning to broadcasting his famous nightly paranormal talk show,
starting July 20th. The new show entitled “Midnight in the Desert” will be LIVE from 9PM-Midnight Pacific, Midnight-3AM
Eastern and will be streaming out FREE over the Internet athttp://www.ArtBell.com bringing you the same great topics, same
great music, Monday thru Friday.
You can also listen to Art Bell on your smartphone or tablet using the great TuneIn Radio app. Download the FREE TuneIn
Radio app and search for and follow the "Dark Matter Digital Network.” The new home for Art Bell.
If you can’t stay up to listen LIVE for FREE, you can become a Time Traveler and listen the next day or weekend. Go to
ArtBell.com, click on the "Join the Time Travelers" link, and subscribe for a low price of only $5 a month to access the past
New show name, New digital station, same great Art Bell! Check outArtBell.com and join us for the best in overnight talk radio.
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copied from the facebook page of Art Bell and herre is a link:

here is a link to the ronnie re and a post about george noory's nightly right wing rant:

I am so annoyed with george right now but I do welcome opposing views:

Ronnie from the ronnie republic radio round-up talks Wolf Blitzer, fighting for a story and maintaining integrity in the ultra competitive climate of the news today..............

Ronnie from the ronnie republic radio round-up talks Wolf Blitzer, fighting for a story and maintaining integrity in the  ultra competitive climate of the news today..............

The Ronnnie Republic Anchor/Reporter Ronald "Ronnie"  photo credit--mom

No, Wolf Blitzer has always been my top dog for the news, Ronnie, lead critic of the Ronnie republic news/talk radio blog replied when asked about the recent controversy over CNN's lead anchor.

He has always had that certain something.....that certain "it" factor, that certain Mick Jagger-esque debonair.....he is not afraid to tell the story like it is.

Wolf does not mind jumping into the news ring and putting up a fight to walk away with the facts.

Not that I would ever do that--I would never ever do that......Ronnie reiterated as his train of thought seemed to stray in the moment.

Actually, that is one thing Wolf and I have in common.......humility and strength.

CNN Anchor/Reporter Wolf Blitzer
CNN Anchor/Reporter Wolf Blitzer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I  don't know what it is.....maybe it's his name--but there has always been something there that made him a winner.

Not that I am about winning or losing or fighting but I just feel like Wolf Blitzer and I grew up on the same side of the street.

Well done, Wolf--I've got your back.

Ronnie commenting on the recent dust-up and twitter comments about CNN's The Situation Room's, Wolf Blitzer.


thanks, ronnie, for taking time out of your busy day to give us your take on things.

English: The CNN Center in Atlanta.
English: The CNN Center in Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

from the news desk of the ronnie republic.

the ronnie republic: George Noory Leaves A Horrible Feeling In The Pit ...

the ronnie republic: George Noory Leaves A Horrible Feeling In The Pit ...: Baby owl at the Grape Street dog park in San Diego Chloe Louise Today at 9:09am Just wanted to say.....I really liked George...

George Noory Leaves A Horrible Feeling In The Pit Of My Stomach: Is There Anything George Noory Will Not Sell?

From unusual medical advice to dating--George Noory sells it all.  

Folks, is this a talk radio show about the paranormal or a platform for George Noory to make money--you tell me.

But sometimes, it is just not as interesting and entertaining as it used to be.

Baby owl at the Grape Street dog park in San Diego
Just wanted to say.....I really liked George Noory at first--I thought he was just great and polite because he let people talk and one could hear the whole story. Coast to Coast is a fine show because it can give a voice to the average person in the US.....it is just nice to hear what callers think--agree or disagree. To give people a voice is inspirational to me..............but what happened? 

Just last evening he was going on again about how horrible things are in our country. He is very offensive to me.......it just so happens I like our President, Barack Obama, very much. I am proud of him and I am proud of our country. Yes, one can find very many things the government has done wrong but, in general, we have a great, leading nation with huge grand accomplishments. it is hurtful to me and depressing to hear endless interviews with guests promoting the right wing agenda. If he wants Jerome Corsi let him have the opposite view on with a equal time allowance. 

If he would listen to the guest and act interested instead of promoting his financial agenda once in a while it would be refreshing. 

You know, we did not know if Art Bell was really interested in his guest, but guess what....it sure seemed like he was. 

Think back--Art makes us feel like his guest or caller has the most important information in the world and we better hear it for our own personal gain and data base.....it was fun 

I realized I was enjoying Art's real old shows more than george's current shows.. that tells you something doesn't it. 

Also, like every other real talented person....Art made it seem so easy....he never seemed angry at the guest.........there was not a political agenda with his show with an angry undertone. 

Art Bell had a real gift and talent for running a radio talk show that was perfect for the evening.......the time of day for going to sleep or finding rest during the busy. 

I can't wait for Art Bell to come back.....I do not hate George Noory but now I am looking for different listening in the night


Just asking the question is trying to describe this post.............

Seriously, what is  Coat to Coast Am--the overnight radio talk show--suppose to be about anyway?

It is a talk radio show in the night chatting about paranormal, UFO's, weekly call-ins where talkers describe strange or interesting things that happen too them.

Has the  actual premise of the  show changed since Art Bell left and George Noory took over?

Perhaps, I am missing the point of the whole thing..........................

Your thoughts--agree or disagree................................

Thanks for reading.......cl