Jun 21, 2015

Calling O'Reilly Out on False Facts......

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
here is where O'Reilly is  actually wrong....as in incorrect.....

Forever Sean Hannity began his radio show by saying the goal was to "take back America."

Every time I heard  that I thought take back America from who?

He finally quit using that line after President Obama was reelected.

It was  not only a mean statement as the opening and premise of the show  but it was also  stupid.....who voted for President Obama.......

Who makes up  the voting population of our country--we are a beautiful coat of  many colors--now everyone has a place in the political conversation thanks to President Obama.

This is what Fox News can never get.

They are  not only offensive but they are out of touch with reality.

Also, on thurs  night he said he would have a  factual piece on gun control and why the UK system would not work here in the US.  He was going to have the true facts and figures to prove it.

Well, on Friday night he completely skipped over the issue.....why.

Let him have on his show law enforcement from the UK or other countries in Europe and display the  facts and figures...would that work here in different parts of the country....how does it actually work there.

For instance what kind of gun issues do they have in the city of London compared to New York....I  dare O'Reilly to do it and see what facts are actually out there.

Let O'Reilly have Piers Morgan on his show and really get down to the true facts of gun control if  he loves America so much as  he claims.

Instead on Friday night  he  shouted about the 2nd  Amendment and  stated it would never go anywhere and that is all there is.

It was like he had a conversation with Roger Ailles about actually showing gun control and solutions of the problems but at the end of the day Roger said no.

O'Reilly is always claiming no spin and the facts.....let's see if he is  really up  to it on guns.....or is he afraid of the truth?

from Salon.......

Bill O’Reilly attacks friend of deceased pastor for linking Fox News’ rhetoric to Charleston massacre

"I know he was your friend," O'Reilly said, but Pastor Pinckney would have disappointed in your attacking Fox News VIDEO

Bill O'Reilly attacks friend of deceased pastor for linking Fox News' rhetoric to Charleston massacreBill O'Reilly, Todd Rutherford (Fox News)
Thursday night on “The O’Reilly Factor,” host Bill O’Reilly spoke to Charleston lawmaker Todd Rutherford, a friend of Pastor Clementa Pinckney, about comments Rutherford had made earlier on CNN in which he claimed Fox News’ rhetoric is partially responsible for Dylann Roof murdering nine people in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.
Rutherford told CNN that when Roof “watches things like Fox News, where they talk about things that they call news, but they’re really not [and] use that coded language, they use hate speech, they talk about the president as if he’s not the president” — that primes people like Roof to “walk into a church and treat people like animals, when they’re really human beings.”
O’Reilly took issue with both Rutherford’s characterization of the network. “You said something that bothered me a little bit,” he said. “Are you going to stand by [what you told CNN]?”
“Absolutely,” Rutherford replied. “It’s disturbing to African-Americans to watch stories on Fox News as to whether the president is truly the president, or whether he was really born in this country.”
O’Reilly denied that anyone on Fox News had ever espoused birther beliefs — when, in fact, many Fox News personalities, including Hannity and “Fox & Friends” regular Donald Trump, did so on numerous occasions — and then attacked Rutherford for saying that Roof watched Fox News, because there’s no evidence that he did.
Despite having just played the clip in which Rutherford claimed that Roof watched programming “like Fox News,” O’Reilly insisted that he claimed Roof watched the network itself, and couldn’t be disabused of the argument. “You said, ‘he watches Fox News,’” O’Reilly erroneously repeated.
“You’re equating what Dylann Roof did in that church to our commentary?” he asked. “Are you saying that Fox News justifies brutal crimes against black Americans?”
You said that,” Rutherford replied. “This is exactly what I’m talking about. You are inflaming the rhetoric.”
“I’ve got say,” O’Reilly concluded, “I know you’re a good friend [of Senator Pinckney] and I know you’re upset, but I don’t think he would’ve embraced your kind of rhetoric today.”
Watch the entire interview via Mediaite below.

True Detective Recommended by Kevin Finnerty and Chris Merrill on KOGO 600 AM Radio San Diego......

copied from eonline.com..........


True Detective is Back Tonight! Here's Everything You Need To Know About Season 2

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HBO, True Detective
HBO, True DetectiveHBO
Finally, after what feels like years, the flat circle that is time has brought us to another season of HBO's current grittiest drama that does not involve dragons. 
Gone is the interrogation room framing device, along with the bromantic duo that is Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, so in some aspects, it's a totally different show. However, strangely, even though everything is different, it all still feels comfortably the same. 
Season two of True Detective takes place in Los Angeles, where three detectives are tasked with investigating the murder of a city manager. Rachel McAdams plays Antigone Bezzerides, a tough detective with a screwed up family and a somewhat surprising backstory, while Colin Farrell plays her partner Ray Velcoro, another tough detective with a screwed up family, along with a screwed up sense of how to work out his problems. 
Tim Riggins, meanwhile, just wants to ride his bike. 
Sorry. Taylor Kitsch, of Friday Night Lights fame, plays Paul Woodrugh, a California highway patrolman who would always rather be patrolling those highways on his motorcycle than be literally anywhere else. 
Together, they're attempting to find the killer of the guy who was supposed to be helping businessman Vince Vaughn (this season's main philosophizer so far) close a very expensive land development deal. 
One of the biggest changes already this season is just in the number of characters. Season one was all about Rust Cohle (McConaughey) and Marty Hart (Harrelson), but season two definitely has more of an ensemble feel. There's even a woman in a lead role, working hard to fight sexism and prostitution all at the same time, and McAdams totally kills it. (Seriously, one time she punched us in the face. It wasawesome.) 

In fact, all of the acting is exactly as great as you might have expected it to be, given that this is HBO and an A-list cast.
"It's different, the second season, for sure," Colin Farrell told E! News earlier this month. "There's a similarity and a certain tone that the piece has that I think resonated with me as having a tone that was reflective of the tone of the first year and a sensibility that's the same. But the characters are very different, the aesthetic is very different, the pace is very different."
What's not different, however, is that feeling of never wanting to leave your house again after you watch an episode because you're now convinced the whole world is depressing and terrible and that you might get murdered, which is clearly a thing that HBO is going for lately with that Game of Thrones finale (still. not. over. it.). Nobody's really in a good mood at any time on this show, but perhaps that's all a clever strategy to keep you from getting off of your couch so you'll just keep watching TV all day, and if that's the case, it's totally working. 
True Detective season two premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on HBO.

from the ronnie republic radio round-up:

Always listening to the radio.........
Seriously, sometimes there is nothing on television and I would rather listen to the radio and sew.

KOGO 600 is always on in my sewing room and one off  the best  shows is Merrill at Night and Kevin Finnerty from Showbiz  Junkies.

Kevin and Merrill are suggesting True Detective.....okay there  has to be a  few  good shows out there  besides the news and  PBS.
A fan of Blacklist and James Spader but the fiction of the thing is  hard to take at times.......Kevin says he is  waiting for the return of True Detective as  it shows a  more realistic side of the police force in LA.
Sounds good to me, Kevin, I  am going to take your advice and give it a  try.

Thanks for your tip--well done and keep  up  the good work.
Kevin Finnerty can be heard on KOGO from 7-9PM each evening with Chris Merrill and he also has  the website ShowBiz Junkies for plenty of TV and movie reviews.

here  is a link to the page: