Dec 10, 2015

Noam Laden: Big Show--Big City WABC New York Radio.

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English: Looking east across 9th Avenue and 66th Street at WABC-TV studio on Columbus Avenue on a sunny afternoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Brilliant show today from Noam Laden on 77 WABC New York News/Talk Radio.

Calling out Donald Trump on his ridiculous accusations about different groups of citizens in the United States, the last one being Muslims.

Setting a very poor example for someone aiming for the highest office in our country to single out certain groups in Hitler style fear mongering.

Some of the most offensive statements to this blog writer is the disrespect he directs toward a sitting President of the United States.

Seriously, someone I voted for twice and someone this blog lady stands behind 100 per cent.

Standing with President Barck Obama.

Noam Laden said today that police officers in New York City have to be removed from their regular posts in order to protect certain mosques that have received threats from angered citizens.Image result for noam laden

Noam is suggesting some of this anger rests with donald trump after stirring up the population by asking for Muslims to be banned from our country......Muslim children are afraid and a violent attack may ensue.

People, this is not right.  donald makes false claims.

At the end of the day, WABC might want to consider the fact that they already have plenty of home grown talent to fill the void of Geraldo Rivera--Noam Laden always does an excellent job of creating stimulating conversation about current news issues.  Like Geraldo, Noam Laden can handle the callers--agree or disagree without anger and shouting.

Noam Laden is very equipped to host a radio show on a popular New York News/Talk radio station.

WABC should keep with their tradition of Geraldo Rivera and Curtis and Kuby by letting both sides of the issue be known.  It is much more interesting for the listener than the angry, shouting old, white man

With Noam, Geraldo and Curtis and Kuby we have both sides of the news--we have more information to make our own decisions.

Well done today, Noam and thank you for a good show.

Now if we can just do something about the false info on Planned Parenthood spewed by O'Reilly--stirring up hate--can we lay blame at the feet of this individual, as well.

I hope everyone can listen to my girl, Joan Hamburg at 10 AM on Saturdays--this lady has the best recipes--I can't wait to visit New York and see the things she talks about--I love Joan.

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