Dec 20, 2015

Kieth Rowland Talks the Future of @ArtBell51

So news/talk radio does seem to be like a really odd in San Diego, no one seemed to mind when we had an ultra-right wing name calling nut on the morning drive forever, particularly the station itself.  

Now Merrill, my favorite person in the evening is gone and now Geraldo is gone from WABC.  

It does seem like a cut throat world--can't blame Art for wanting control of his own show and radio world but it did feel like it was a bit much to handle from the get go. Who can run the whole end of taking all of the calls every night alone with no break as he often said there was no screener.  

That is where Art and Geraldo and Larry King are the best. They can handle anything and they can make anything sound interesting without getting angry and insulting the caller. They are not afraid of the caller--in the long run it makes a good show. They are truly gifted and very intelligent.

Well, we can see why Art wants the control but who can handle everything every night. It is just too much pressure.

Is there anyway Art can come back on an "as needed" basis--what about the way Leo LaPorte works with his own studio--he also was tired of the television network bossing him around.

Perhaps, Art needs a studio he controls with more people but not right at his house and not every night.

Just a thought--it is interesting to hear how the radio world actually works, enjoy your comments.
Grape St. Dog Park, San Diego, Ca.

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Short Update from Keith Rowland re: Art Bell

I am saddened of course by the quick departure of Art Bell and many people think this is just a stunt to get out of doing the show. But let me tell you these latest events are real and Nye County police reports have been filed and are public. I’ve been with Art for each of his retirements, and while I may not agree with some of his reasons, they were real and after time he has managed to overcome them and return to radio. This too may pass.
Many people have been thinking this is just a way to get out of the show because it wasn’t doing any good. But, in fact we had contracts in place to bring on 2 more very large stations to the network, of which we were very encouraged about. We were growing every day. Subscriptions were still increasing and stations were still signing up.
However, I doubt he will ever be able to come back to traditional radio again, it was still a hard sell as it was, and stations’ concerns of his longevity certainly played out. If he does come back in any capacity, it would be on DMDN.
The Dark Matter Digital Network will still run the same programs it has been, if they want to stay, and still for FREE. The only change are some programs will not be LIVE, just pre-recorded. We will continue to produce Midnight in the Desert with Heather Wade and have Art back when he can. To support this effort, please stay subscribed as a Time Traveler.
— Keith Rowland

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