Dec 4, 2015

The Strange and Cut Throat World of Talk Radio........

After listening to talk radio and writing about it for a really long time--seeing my favorites disappear without any explanation, and hearing unbelievable comments from crazy hosts without any repercussion whatsoever--I have come to the conclusion that radio must be the weirdest and most cut throat job out there in media land. 

chloe louise--the ronnie republic radio round-up,,,,,,,,,any comments or posts are welcome, agree or disagree.

Loved listening to Geraldo Rivera and Noam Laden every day......wishing both of these very talented individuals the best.

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Geraldo - Seriously?
You made a hand shake deal with the Tricky-Dickies? What the hell were you thinking? These two guy are the shadiest operators on the planet! Perhaps you have missed all the complaints and backlash over the past few years of the shady deals, the mass firings of great people just to pad the bottom line so they could get their bonus packages!?
What in gods name were you smoking? These two jackrabbits have destroyed countless fabulous careers of some very talented people. What made you think you were immune to their back stabbing nonsense? Are you that special in your own mind? You must have an ego to match those two ass-hats for sure!!
Lew Dickley used to give these awesome speeches about how Cumulus was poised to run Clear Channel or now i-fart media into the ground. He was convinced he could have Cumulus take over the world. He and John are both giant bags of wind. Or, a big puffy cloud. They look and talk big, but have no substance.
Shut your whiny pie hole for just a minute... take what you are feeling right now (you know... betrayed, short sided, lied to, taken advantage of, used, abused, un-appreciated... I could go on) and now... take those feelings and realize that there are literally thousands of people who have been through the same ringer you think you have been singled out for.
You poor soul... getting canned after Thanksgiving. Oh, the tears.
Shut the fuck up. I got canned shortly after Christmas. As did many of my other co-workers. And that 'blood letting' procedure was even after Cumulus so blatantly announced that there would be no more bonuses on rating performances, no contracts, non of it... oh, but they did want to hold folks to non-competes.
You my friend are a total dumbass.
Take your lumps. Shut your hole and deal with it.
We all have

  • Geraldo Rivera Exits WABC/New York Amidst Drama, Acrimony

    November 30, 2015 at 4:01 AM (PT)
  • geraldorivera2015.jpg
    GERALDO RIVERA told his FACEBOOK followers this weekend that he has been let go at CUMULUS News-Talk WABC-A/NEW YORK, and he blamed new CEO MARY BERNER and NEW YORK VP/Market Manager CHAD LOPEZ for not honoring his handshake agreement with former CUMULUS programming chief JOHN DICKEY.
    A post on WEDNESDAY (11/25) said, "To fans of my ‪#‎77WABCradio‬ show this may be goodbye.  I’ve just been informed by the new CUMULUS MEDIA CEO & by the NEW YORK VP/Market Manager that they do not intend to honor the handshake deal I made with the ousted company chief JOHN DICKEY, an agreement to extend my current contract for a year.  The decision to renege on our deal on the eve of THANKSGIVING is especially upsetting coming in the wake of my emotionally charged and highly rated coverage of the PARIS massacre and frantic efforts by authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.  Last year, the VILLAGE VOICE named me the ‘2014 Best AM Radio Host in NYC’, writing in part, 'GERALDO RIVERA actually has something to say. The guy understands the issues of the day and has enough confidence in his opinions to call bullshit on blowhards,' which I’m doing here."
    A subsequent, much longer post on SATURDAY outlined CUMULUS' financial problems, called LEW and JOHN DICKEY "honorable" but "over-extended and prey to hedge funders who gobbled up enough clout to oust them as managers and install someone who had no experience in broadcasting but who apparently impressed those adventurous investors."  He said he was locked out of his studio as of FRIDAY although his contract expires DECEMBER 31st, and threatened to sue CUMULUS, saying that "because of their unforgivable disrespect I will fight them and they will end up costing their battered company far more in damages than they expect to save in my salary."

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