Nov 26, 2015

Tips from The Cat Hair Cook and Pushy Pie Crust

Pumpkin Pie from a *real* pumpkin.
Pumpkin Pie from a *real* pumpkin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you use a plastic fork to stir the ingredients for the pumpkin pie because all of the other dishes are dirty in the sink just be sure to look at the fork carefully after stirring the mixture to make sure all of the tines are still there.

Pushy Pie Crust

1 1/2 cups of flour

big pinch of salt

stick of butter  (1/2 cup)

2 eggs

stir the flour and salt

grate the butter into the flour

(just take the butter out of the fridge and use the large holes on a box grater--it is helpful to have a large bowl or large frying pan if all of the bowls are dirty, too)

just keep covering and stirring in the butter with the flour so the little pieces are covered in flour and do not get into one big ball

crack 2 eggs directly into the butter flour mixture and beat with a fork

mix the whole thing together with your hands

the mix should turn into a ball quickly and just push it down with the heel of your hand a few times to mix it

place the dough ball into the pie pan--I have a glass pie dish--this may be difficult if it is a disposable aluminum pie pan

push the ball down and flatten with your hands--if it is too sticky sprinkle with a little bit of flour

just keep flattening and pushing the crust--it takes a while but I could not find my rolling pin and it eventually works well.

Continue flattening the bottom of the crust in the dish until it is the usual pie crust feel or thickness--it does not have to be exactly even all over the dish.  If the crust becomes too thin in the process just pinch off a little and fill it in.  It works like play dough.

After the bottom seems right--it is not an exact science--continue to flatten the crust against the sides of the pie shell and over the edge.

Cut off the the crust overlapping the edge of the dish running a knife along the edge.

Crimp the edge.

Save the rest of the crust in a flat ball in the fridge to make jelly tarts later--a plastic square container is good.

Readers, do you live with someone insane and you are trying to survive the holidays without overeating because you deserve it.

Do you have any tips?

comments on insane family members and pie crust accepted--agree or disagree

big boy bams

liza--makes good pot roast
sam--the mixer is not a couch
chloe--writes a blog

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