Nov 8, 2015

Richard Byron Varley: In Loving memory

My Grandpa, Richard Byron Varley was born in Fall River Mass on November 8.

He gave up his life for me.

Every Saturday we went to the Merry-Go-Round in Balboa Park, San Diego,

On the way we went over The Georgia Street Bridge on University Blvd. at Park Ave, then we went under the bridge.

Then we went on the nickel snatcher--a water taxi from Broadway, actually it was right where the Midway is located today, over to Coronado Island and back.

My grandparents took me everywhere--they took me swimming in Mission Bay, Grandpa took us to Belmont Park, they even took me to Disneyland, simply because I wanted to go,

I can honestly say they really liked me and wanted me to have a good life and an education.

They did everything for me--they gave up their life for me.

I did appreciate it then, when it was happening but not enough as I was so very interested in myself.

I wish I could tell them now that I know what they did.

That was very nice--they were nice to me.

Birthday kisses from Ronnie and thank you for liking me.

Richard, Hannah, Sam, Alice, Mary Jane and Lazarus, Bill and Mamie Kneeling at their house on N St in San Diego--about 1910.

R. B. Varley, Sr.

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