Oct 30, 2015

John Kasich Takes The Republican Party to School: The Columbus Dispatch on the ronnie re

John Kasich gets a surprise gift from Jeb Bush's campaign

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich got a boost Thursday from an unlikely source: the campaign of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.
Bush's team, facing widespread questioning about the status of his campaign after a third straight desultory debate performance, prepared a 112-page memo for supporters on the state of the race. U.S. News & World report got a copy (see page 15).
Among the info contained in the detailed communique was a New Hampshire poll taken Oct. 19 and 20 by the Bush campaign. It showed him tied for third at 10 points - with Kasich.
While the survey matched public polling showing Donald Trump far ahead in the contest with Dr. Ben Carson second, it marked a return of Kasich to the top tier in the state holding the nation's first 2016 presidential primary.
Kasich, who has staked his campaign on a good performance in New Hampshire, had gotten as high as second in Granite State polling last month, but tumbled several places in more recent polls.
The memo did not detail how the survey was taken or its margin of sampling error, so voters will have to wait on a credible public poll to confirm its results.
Meanwhile, Kasich is taking a beating from some conservatives in social media for saying after Wednesday's debate that he thought the CNBC moderators did a "good job" and he was "very appreciative" they didn't let the debate devolve into the circus atmosphere of earlier matchups - and that they gave him time to talk The governor apparently didn't get the memo the other candidates on the prime-time debate stage received about going after the moderators in particular and the news media in general.

copied from The Columbus Dispatch    wwwdispatch.com

Because of all of the Republican candidates John Kasich seems to be the most reasonable with a proven track record. He is more or less normal and that is saying a whole lot with the given GOP field. Even though I am a dem and Hillary girl forever the state of the 2016 election is an embarrassment to our country with the likes of donald trump threatening to deport millions of people and Ben Carson suggesting to Wolf Blitzer the Jews would have had a better chance against the Nazis if they were armed. There was a special recently on CNN where Wolf spoke of his grandparents going to Auschwitz--I guess Ben Carson did not see that show.
I admire John Kasich for calling out both of them at the debate. Everyone was afraid to do it because the donald will lambaste the one who makes the comments with accusations which are often false and unfortunately in the long run, true or untrue, the population will only remember the outrageous claim of the donald. Kasich did a good job in this tough area.

Kasich is not afraid to say his own accomplishments--you have to in this arena--he timed everything well considering his inevitable backlash.

If Jeb Bush meets his demise politically John Kasich has positioned himself well particularly in light of the fact that doanld and Ben know that will have to answer now for their ridiculous statements that would never hold in reality.

Jeb Bush must be very frustrated after the donald tried to go against him using his wife's Hispanic heritage. Who does that? No wonder he may want to get out of the race.

John Kasich must have been prepared for a personal attack but he stood up to it well--he has a good record and he has shown compassion--the donald cannot bust that down.

Good job and well done to John Kasich for timing and calling out the bad news bears of the Republican Party.

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