Oct 8, 2015

Art Bell: Fantastic Interviews--Does Not Push Politics........

Readers, Art Bell has been a great interviewer for a very long time, now.......

Just recently, he had a highly unusual show for talk radio....a show about global warming and the idea it actually exists was entertained.

Art said as the conversation was taking place....."Folks, you usually don't her this on talk radio, this may be a first."

Art Bell has the decency not to push politics on the night time radio listener........Art does not inject his personal political opinion into the discussion.

Art Bell has respect for the radio listener--his political idea and goal may be different from his audience.

Just wanted to say thank you to Art Bell and his new radio show Midnight In The Desert for giving us the opportunity to hear interesting discussion in the evening--during the relaxing time for most of us.

Seriously, for those of us out there with sleeping issues, this evening agenda is a gift--just plain good listening.

Thanks, Art, for caring about your fans and your listeners.

Good News for San Diego.........

Art Bell will be back on the air waves locally coming in December to Radio 760 AM news/talk.

Well done, KFMB, I bet this will boost your ratings.

check out Art Bell's website for more details about plenty of easy and free ways to listen to his show:


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