Oct 1, 2015

Art Bell @ArtBell51 Back On The Air in San Diego: KFMB 760 San Diego

Well this is great news for San Diego radio listeners and Art Bell fans everywhere.

Always checking out Art Bell's web page for new radio stations carrying his show could not help but notice he will be back on the air waves in San Diego.

KFMB 760 AM news/talk radio will be picking up his new show in December according to his websiste........check it out on artbell.com and then jump to radio show in the headings.

Seriously, I can't wait......always listening to talk radio George Noory and my beloved Coast to Coast AM just became so political I had to turn it off and thankfully Art Bell came back on the comp.


Art's new show started in July and he has had some very informative guests......very interesting, unique and perfect for the evening listening.

As usual, Art Bell is the master of the radio interview......he can handle any guest or caller without going Bolling or O'Reilly........this is peaceful for the radio listener.

Good news for San Diego and thanks, Art, for going back on the air with your radio show.

Well done, Art, and 760 KFMB for picking up this very pleasant nightime radio show.....it's good listening for San Diego and I know a lot of fans are really happy to hear this very exciting information.


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