Sep 9, 2015

Remembering Mike Waggener: Twilight In The Park Summer Concert Series: Balboa Park Success Story

Jul 25, 2018

Mike Waggener Appreciation Evening........

Mike passed away in April.  He worked very hard to establish Twilight in the Park concert series in Balboa Park.  The concerts have been so well attended there was not a seat left for Santana Ways last year.  All of Mike's work was volunteer. 

Rest in peace, Mike, and thank you for spending your time to enrich our life in San Diego.


2017 Update..........

Just reminding everyone Twilight In The Park summer concert series starts again next week on Tuesday, June 20.

It is a lovely experience in the evening and a good way to walk your dog in the summer in San Diego.


It's impossible not to notice the success of Twilight in the Park--the summer concert series held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 at the Spreckles" Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

The concerts start the 3rd week in June and continue through the end of August.

The live music was particularly impressive this year as the place was packed and the enthusiasm of the crowd was infectious.

Speaking with organizer Mike Waggener about the goal of the evening events he was very anxious for the citizens of San Diego to know that the concerts are for everyone--every group of people are included and everyone is welcome.

The kids, the young families, the seniors, the dancers, the singers.......there is plenty of space for everyone......lovely wheelchair access, several parking lots and frequent trams.

Mike wanted to be sure and mention that there is plenty of room for everyone to dance--kids and couples--the area is giant.......and this year Mike has incorporated dancing lessons, as well.

But this year particularly one could not help but notice the immense talent of the bands..........

I'm talking about Santana Ways--the crowd was on their feet as the band played several encores.

Talking about The Coronado Big Band--swing fan or not their rendition of Sing Sing Sing is truly amazing and unforgettable.

Mike related that most of the line-up stays the same as the bands and orchestra are extremely talented and we are so lucky to have them year after year but there is always room for new groups, too.  The goal is to have something for everybody.

As the 30 year organizer of the famous summer event Mike was very thrilled for all of the guests to know that one new band we have this years is Bi-Nacional deMambo Orchestra from Tijuana.

Oh, and my favorite part......there is plenty of room for dogs and their owners--enough space for the dogs to spread out and enjoy themselves, too.

For locals.......we are located near North Park, South Park, Downtown, Logan Heights and it is perfect for walking your dog in the evening......many folks are bringing their dinner and enjoying a picnic on the steps, in the spacious area of bench seating or bringing a blanket and relaxing on the grass.

Thank you, Mike, from the citizens of San Diego for working so hard for 30 years to bring us this fantastic opportunity for music in Balboa Park on summer nights......good job and well done.

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