Sep 8, 2015

These dogs need a mom........or a dad...........

These very cute dogs are looking for a new home or a new foster home........would you like to be a mother?........or father or provide a temporary foster home.

There are many options and there are many ways to help.........

As you can see by the photos these kids are in need of assistance and luckily they will be arriving at the pit bull rescue group Pit Bulls and Friends Dog Rescue in San Diego tomorrow.

Fred Kole runs the organization and he is always in need of help of any kind as there are always more dogs needing a place to stay than available homes and parents.

Be sure and see the last picture of the adorable puppy.....he is really a cute one...he or she, that is.

If you can help or you know anyone that can help give Fred a call--he will really appreciate it and he is friendly and nice to talk with on the phone, as well.  His dog knowledge is impressive and he takes his dog rescue very seriously.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your good ideas.

Here is Fred's number.......619-813-7461

Pitbulls and Friends Dog Rescue....San Diego

here is a link to the page of Pit Bulls and Friends Dog Rescue:

and here is a link to the facebook page:

I copied these pictures from the facebook page....please check it out for a little more information.

Chloe Louise shared Cindy Eischer's album.
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Cindy Eischer added 6 new photos to the album: DOGS in Need of fund to spay/neutere, shots etc.
Cindy Eischer added 6 new photos to the album: DOGS in Need of fund to spay/neutere, shots etc. — with Mina Rahim.
Need funds to get 3 dogs spayed/neutered, shots and micro-chipped At Pets R Us in fee is $354 . Appointment set for Sept 8th. Women reached out to the community for help. Please send your donations to 661-272-1600 under cindy Eischer or Paypal to Thank you for helping. She is signing over the 5 pups from mom to go to a rescue in San Diego on the same say the other 3 dogs are being fixed. right now, I'm paying for everything out of pocket to make sure no more litters are born so I need and appreciate what monetary help you can give. Thank you.

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