Sep 3, 2015

Roland Martin Calls Out Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly self-absorbed with his own brand of Catholic even might be more accurate to use the terms of limited social mobility or poverty to describe certain situations that exist in out country, but after watching Bill O'Reilly carefully choose his words and statistics to make his point for several years one may also want o apply the label of racist to his nightly rant.

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Roland Martin: Bill O’Reilly Should 'Shut The Hell Up' About #BlackLivesMatter

"I don’t recall you, Bill O’Reilly, ever saying that you’re going to take out police brutality."

Fox News has been branding the Black Lives Matter movement as a "hate group" and a "murder movement" -- and TV One's Roland Martin isn't having it.
The host lashed out at Bill O'Reilly, who on Monday called the Black Lives Matter movement a hate group and promised to put them "out of business."
"I don’t recall you, Bill O’Reilly, ever saying that you’re going to take out police brutality … but all of a sudden you want to take out the Black Lives Matter movement because you don’t like the fact that they’re out there protesting,” Martin said Wednesday on TV One.
He went on to say he'd be happy to debate O'Reilly or Fox News host Megyn Kelly on their respective shows, and concluded that O'Reilly should "shut the hell up!"
Fox News has been on a crusade against the Black Lives Matter movement since the network ran an onscreen banner during Monday night's episode of "Fox & Friends" referring to it as a "murder movement."
The station's hosts appear to put some blame on the movement for the death of Deputy Darren Goforth of Harris County, Texas, who was fatally shot while pumping gas in a Houston suburb on Friday night. Goforth was white, and the man who police believe killed him, Shannon Miles, is black.
That said, O'Reilly has been against the movement for months. Let's not forget the time hecompared Black Lives Matter to the Gestapo.
But hey, Fox News' ratings were off the charts last month.
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