Sep 12, 2015

Mr. Mattis gives us his take on the JFK assassination...........

English: Six pictures of Frank Sturgis. The up...
English: Six pictures of Frank Sturgis. The upper-right photo is from San Juan Hill, Cuba, 11 January 1959, and shows Sturgis standing over a mass grave of 71 executed Batista soldiers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Frank Sturgis and Bernard Barker, 1960 (top) a...
Frank Sturgis and Bernard Barker, 1960 (top) and 1972 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Dealey Plaza and the Texas School Boo...
English: Dealey Plaza and the Texas School Book Depository, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., in November 1969, site of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on 22 November 1963, its appearance little changed in the intervening six years. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The view above Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.
The view above Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Grassy Knoll and Bryan pergola on the nort...
The Grassy Knoll and Bryan pergola on the north side of Elm Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Downtown Dallas in the background with the Tri...
Downtown Dallas in the background with the Trinity River in the foreground. Taken from the N Hampton Rd bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The wooden fence on the grassy knoll, where Fi...
The wooden fence on the grassy knoll, where Files claims to have made his shot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mugshot taken of Jack Ruby, taken following hi...
Mugshot taken of Jack Ruby, taken following his arrest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

copied from you tube..........

Charles Harrellson and Frank (Sturgis) actually named Frank Fiorni at birth and was changed to Sturgis - that was his step fathers name, he was born in Va.

Frank Fiorni or Frank Sturgis and Chancy Holt shot at JFK from the knoll concrete area behind Zapruder.

First bullet that hit JFK was in the back by Dallas Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford from the roof of the Dallas county records building, shot # 2 was Jack Lawrence USAF through the windshield into JFK's throat, shot # 3 was the back of JFK's head by CIA trained Cuban Exile/Assassin Nestor Izquierdo from the Dal Dex building from the Dallas mining and mineral office - a CIA front , the 4th. and 5th. shots came from The grassy knoll just after the 3rd shot.

David Ferrie shot the Right front temple area of JFK and he was a MOB/CIA assassin and pilot and Frank Sturgis/Frank Fiorni birth name, shot JFK at just about the same time as David Ferrie

From the 3 way bridge, the limo was stopped by greer who was given a military sign to stop by their Castro/JFK hit team commander who was standing on the sidewalk , the whole hit was planned and staged as if it was directing a movie, the CIA/Military hit was by LBJ ,Dulles ,Nixon ,Bush , Gen. Ed Landsdale , Gen. Edwin Walker (Bush's cousin) and Gen. Westmoreland who was working at the Dallas police department until JFK was killed and then was redeployed as Special CIA Police Advisor to the Saigon Police in Viet Nam .

A 2 star General who is Cia was working at the Dallas police department until JFK was assassinated , the media and press has heavily guarded and suppressed info on CIA Gen.Westmorelands whereabouts being in the Dallas police department on Nov. 22, 1963 .

Bush and Ed Landsdale were both photographed in Dealy Plaza that day and were not able to be covered up like Westmoreland was .

I am not giving you all the political , banker and oil tycoon people who were involved here , but only the assassination mechanics of the JFK assassination that day in Dealy plaza.

Harellson was a MOB/CIA gun for hire and though what he is saying about the drug dealing by CIA is true , he usually lies like hell about his part in it all ! .

The DEA or CIA may have told him to shoot a Judge - POPPY G.W.Bush was a Heroin Dealer for Senator Prescott Bush during the Viet Nam war ? . 

The CIA is a known Drug Dealer as a US Government Agency .

The CIA is basically just another NAZI organization like the American Nazi Allen Dulles the man who was a WW2 war criminal who escaped justice along with his Nazi friends like Bush , Dupont , Ford and Standard Oil - Rockefellor .

Connolly was shot by Malcolm Wallace from the Snipers nest in the Texas school book depository ,

No evidence Oswald even shot on that day.

Roscoe White USMC a Dallas Police rookie also shot at JFK from the knoll but he missed to avoid hittting Jackie and he claimed in his Diary that he shot and killed J.D. Tippit after JFK was killed.

Oswald never had killed anyone before and I cannot see why the CIA would use someone like him on such a important presidential assassination instead of their already trained CIA/MOB killers who did shoot at JFK in Dealy Plaza on that Day .

Oswald was not a mercenary soldier of fortune like the rest of the killers were and Oswald just does not really fit at-all into being one of the shooters ! .

This was casted like a hollywood script and the only part Oswald fit into was Patsy or as The Fall Guy ! .

Even Jack Ruby Rubinstein the Ex-Nixon aide was from The Chicago Mob and was also a Gun runner for the CIA and the Mob.Jack Ruby fits with CIA/MOB and with Nixon and the Bush's, Demoreshindt and The Paines fit also with Cia activities , Oswald does not really fit with any of this except to die as a patsy as I see it ,

Oswalds uncle worked for Carlos Marcello in New Orleans and Oswald helped him sometimes but Oswald had no direct relationship in any way with Carlos Marcello ! .

David Ferrie did though and Oswald knew him well .

Oswald connects with David Ferrie and Guy Bannister and DeMoreshindt but as a runner and propaganda agent not ever as a assassin unless he was ordered by DeMorshindt to shoot at Gen. Walker ?

we know after missing he promised his wife he would never shoot again at another human being , not really the type of person the CIA would use to kill JFK is he ? . 

Oswald to me just doesn't fit - any way you look at it , not as a CIA or as a Mob or even as a lone assassin .

He gained nothing by doing the crime and did not even know until later on that evening they were saying that he had shot JFK .

What Oswald was told and what he thought he was doing only he really knows unless someone decides to tell us what they instructed Oswald to do and no-one so far has said anything about Oswalds actual FBI and Immigration department orders .

Oswald was on both payrolls and his records have been sealed up so we cannot look at them .

Guy Bannister FBI/CIA was the office Oswald worked out of in New Orleans and he most likely was CIA also along with The Paines and DeMoreshindt who had Bush's phone number in his personal address book.

RFK deported Carlos Marcello while he was actually working on a covert CUBA mission for Bush and NIXON at The CIA .

The MOB/CIA contractors said; the CIA's plans to kill Castro were very poorly planned and they just went along with them to make the CIA money. 

JFK was easy for the CIA to kill compared to Castro ! , the only problem was with Bush and his cousin the CIA left thousands of loose ends and they had to kill off many witnesses to cover them up . 

The lone nut Oswald was dead and he had no-way to kill anybody ! .

LBJ and Hoover did the main cover up with help from Dallas police and Dallas Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford who was one of the shooters of JFK .

Bush is who destroyed the CIA records.

Dulles CIA handled the Warren Commissions Fabrication .

The best evidence of all is Dallas Police Chief Curry who later said; we have absolutely no evidence that Lee Oswald shot at anybody ! .

You have David Ferrie shooting at JFK!?


Yes there are FAA flight plans in The National Archives where General Edwin Walker and David Ferrie flew from Austin to Dallas twice for 6 days all with Team # 4 , this was the day before Oswald supposedly took a shot at Walker in his dining room when he missed him, they also had a 1959 green rambler station wagon listed on the FAA flight plan. 

Gen. Walker was Bush's cousin . 

David Ferrie was listed as part of Team # 4 and as the pilot of a RED Cessna - not a military plane. 

Castro was in Cuba and the CIA training camp was at a Lake near New Orleans , so if they went to Dallas for 6 days of preparation for something and did it without Oswald  - it most likely was to plan the assassination of JFK . 

Another interesting fact is The 28 day CIA fast acting cancer man was also with them on this flight plan on Team # 4 , clearly this was a CIA covert mission . 

Oswald was involved in the CIA Cancer project and so was David Ferrie both in New Orleans , 

You have to ask Yourself why Oswald was not brought with them on this flight sense he was working with the same CIA doctor and David Ferrie in New Orleans , the girl assistant testified to this fact and she worked on the CIA cancer project ?  

Ferrie was a MOB Pilot and a Hit man for Carlos Marcello in New Orleans and he did contract work flying on covert anti-castro missions to CUBA for the CIA , plus Carlos Marcello is who Outfitted CIA planes with armaments . 

This ties David Ferrie and Carlos Marcello directly to Nixon , Bush and Jack Rubinstein who shot Oswald . 

Bush ran Operation Zapata and Mongoose , both were total CIA failures and both were directly run by George bush at the CIA . 

Frank Sturgis said; George bush at the CIA was my boss invading Cuba . 

Eisenhower and Nixon started the CIA covert actions in Cuba and JFK inherited the mess that they made . 

RFK is actually was who was dealing with the CIA and Bush . 

RFK did not know that Mobster Carlos Marcello was working for The CIA and for Bush on Killing Castro . 

RFK deported Carlso Marcello for being a mobster.

JFK got angry at the CIA's mess in Cuba and he fired Dulles and General Cabell who just happened to be The Dallas Mayors brother . That is why Dallas was chosen for the JFK Assassination plus LBJ and Connolly controlled all of Texas .

David Ferrie was murdered a few hours before he was to testify before DA Jim Garrison and then Gov. of CA. Ronald Regan blocked witnesses to help Nixon and Bush get away with killing JFK and to obstruct justice. 

If Jim Files MOB shot JFK and is talking about it why is he alive and why is David Ferrie dead ? 

David Ferries queer lovers said that he was in Dallas when JFK was shot also . 

No-one has ever put James Files in Dallas when JFK was shot except for Files himself . 

Files say that it was a Mob hit , that is what The CIA would like for us to believe , that is why Files is still alive ! .

I added another paragraph above to help explain some more things.

what about james files and his fireball rifle. Many think they saw him and Harrelson standing behind the knoll fence when there was a puff of smoke and muzzle flash 

Sense Files who was (Mob) had never worked before with the CIA and sense Harrellson (Mob/CIA) did , This was a CIA hit , I do  not think that Files would of been used . 

Chancy Holt was a Mob/CIA money launderer as well as a incredible shot , then there is  Frank Sturgis and another shooter named Jack Lawrence who's borrowed dealer car was later found parked up in the parking lot of the grassy knoll . 

Bush was CIA in Charge of the Cuba operations and Files had nothing to do with any of that but all the other Mob/Cia trained shooters did , Files simply does not fit . 

Then there was The Diary of Roscoe White A Dallas PD Rookie from the (USMC) who said he shot and killed J.D. Tippit , his son read the diary after he died and He said he was there on the grassy knoll and he that shot at JFK but missed to avoid hitting Jackie , he never said; James Files was there ? . 

Files said; His friend Gary Marlow was who shot J.D. Tippit ? so why would Roscoe White a Dallas PD Rookie write in his Diary that He went shot and killed J.D. Tippit after missing JFK ? 

And why would the FBI take the Diary from White's son and get rid of it - if it was not true ? ! . The FBI taking the Diary away and not returning it almost proves it to be true, consider how the FBI has hidden and destroyed almost all of the evidence relevant to solving the JFK assassination ? ! .  

Let's just say that Files did hear about it through the grapevine in the Mob and that he knows that David Ferrie (Mob/CIA) is dead now and that David Ferrie who looked a lot like him did the front head shot along with Frank Sturgis , So who is gonna stop him from lying about it ? or from claiming the credit while he is in jail , it takes the heat off the CIA and puts it on to the Mob , Harrellson MOB/CIA killer says the CIA is who deals most drugs in The USA and around the World , so in a way you could say that the Mob deals CIA drugs that are supplied by Your local US politicians .

I believe Heroin was being smuggled into the US by Allen Dulles , Nixon and Bush at The CIA during The Viet Nam War under Eisenhower and That JFK beating Nixon in the election was ruining the CIA's Mob drug dealing plans because JFK wanted out of Viet Nam . 

Prescott Bush and Dulles were the master minds and the Joint chiefs of staff were taking bribes .  

LBJ was totally corrupt like Nixon and Bush were and they knew he would stay in Viet Nam to sell his wife Lady Bird's Helicopters at Bell Helicopters she owned 51% of the company and Ruth Paine CIA's Husband Michael Paine (CIA) worked at Bell Aerospace . 

And a little known fact ignored is that Ruth Paine got Marina Oswald to Marry a CIA agent named Ken Porter who worked for a CIA front in Dallas called Collins Radio . Now Marina Oswald is CIA controlled and will never tell the truth ! . 

Ever wonder why the so-called Oswald note to Marina about shooting at General Edwin Walker took 2 weeks to finally surface after Oswald was dead ? , She immediately gives up where he keeps his rifle but she does not give them the Walker shooting note ? that makes no-sense to me at-all . 

The FBI had searched the Paine's house where she was living and they did not find it in her room and then suddenly 2 weeks later after Oswald is killed it appears ! . You have to wonder if Jackie and Marina were in on the plot when you see who they both got married to afterwards ! ? . Two Black Widows ? Very Possible when dealing with The CIA ! .

+Gary Mattis you have provided some great information. You have changed my mind about Files, what is your idea on Mark Wallace, and LBJ's involvment. Bush sr is one evil person

Malcolm Wallace was one of LBJ's thugs and was a killer.

LBJ got him off on a murder charge with only probation.

His finger print was found in the snipers nest where Oswald's finger print was not found and He is who shot Connolly, that is what a few of the witnesses have said.

LBJ was certainly going to Jail at RFK's hands in the Baker TFX bribery scandle and his political life was over unless he killed JFK and became president and stopped RFK.

Baker who was LBJ's friend in Crime said in 1962 that JFK would never finish his term as President, did he know LBJ was gonna kill him?

Most likely Baker did because he knew that LBJ had killed 7 other people on his way to power and that LBJ had used Malcolm Wallace to help kill those people also, Billy Solestes testified about 8 LBJ ordered killings including JFK's, but not until after LBJ was dead.

The FBI was a major part of the Plot to Kill JFK - LBJ's  friend Hoover at FBI helped him do the cover up along with the CIA and The Dallas Police and Sheriff's departments.

LBJ's wife owned 51% of Bell Helicopters and Aerospace  where Ruth Paine (CIA) husband Michael Paine (CIA) worked .

So Oswalds wife's good friends the Paine's were both CIA Contractors and he worked for LBJ's wife ,

They married Marina Oswald off to a CIA agent named Ken Porter after killing Oswald .

Was Marina Oswald a part of the plot ?

possible and then there is Jackie also ?

both married people who could be consider enemies of their dead husbands ,

Two Black Widows in on the plot is very possible , Marina's father was a Soviet spy . Jackie grew up with DeMorschendt her mother dated him also ? all were CIA people who knew Oswald .

I have not ruled out Jackie Kennedy or Marina Oswald as being suspects at this point . Woman sell their husbands down the river many times for money and why should I think any different about these two woman ? Just Look at who the two of them married after their husbands were murdered ?

Most Unfaithful Woman are very good liars has been my experience in life , The ones I have known would rather lie then tell the truth.

+Gary Mattis

Some good work here Gary.  How does this jive with Mark Lane's last book.  Haven't read it yet but curious.

rod mckenzie confirmed that Mac Walace indicated Harrelson was at the triple under pass, ready to shoot, but it was not needed anymore. He should be one of the 3 tramps.

Thank you for your very interesting discussion on this important topic in history.........

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