Sep 29, 2015

Good Cops In Kansas

Kansas Cop Gives Bicycle to Homeless Man Commuting Five Hours by Foot

Good Morning America

Kansas Cop Gives Bicycle to Homeless Man Commuting Five Hours by Foot
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Kansas Cop Gives Bicycle to Homeless Man Commuting Five Hours by Foot (ABC News)
A Kansas police officer says he was just doing his job when gave a bicycle and duffel bag to a homeless man who had been commuting five hours per day by foot to his job as a cashier while he tried to save money for an apartment.
Officer Zach Stomper, 30, of the Roeland Park Police Department told ABC News he first met Samuel Meixueiro last Wednesday when he received a call reporting a suspicious person in a local park in the affluent community.
Stomper found Meixueiro sitting in the park taking a break on his walk to work from the church where he was staying in Kansas City, Missouri, to his job at a liquor store in Mission, Kansas.
“He said, ‘This is the deal. I’m taking a rest,’” Stomper recalled. “I felt for the guy because my commute, I get in my vehicle and drive to work. It’s five minutes.”
“This guy, his job means everything to him,” Stomper said. “He said he was saving up for an apartment and had to have this job so I thought, okay, let’s try to get this guy some help.”
Stomper says he gave Meixueiro a ride to his job that day and, while loading Meixueiro’s possessions in his patrol car, noticed that the zipper on his suitcase was broken.
“I went to my home and got him a duffel bag that I had in my basement and brought it to him at his work,” Stomper said. “I said, ‘You’re trying to make the best out of a bad situation that you’re in and I respect that.’”
Stomper then returned to work and told his boss, Chief of Police Edward Morris, about Meixueiro’s situation.
“I said, ‘He seems like he’s one of those guys who is down on his luck and needs a leg up,’” Stomper said.
The pair realized the city has a collection of bicycles that have been either surrendered or abandoned and found a nearly brand-new condition bicycle for Meixueiro to use.
After cleaning the bike and putting air in the tires, Stomper surprised Meixueiro with the bike at his job.
“He was brought to tears and I think he was pretty taken aback by it,” Stomper said. “He wasn’t out begging for money, he was doing everything he could to get ahead.”
Stomper’s actions have deservedly garnered him attention, and Stomper says this was not the first nor will it be the last time he helps a citizen in need.
“As an officer, my job is to serve and protect and this is what I’m doing to help my community,” he said. “99 percent of the officers that I’ve ever met would have done the same thing."

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San Diego Radio Station 102.1 KPRI Has Been Sold: Pourquoi

Broadcasting tower in Trondheim, Norway
Broadcasting tower in Trondheim, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: FM21 Radio Broadcasting Station in Ok...
English: FM21 Radio Broadcasting Station in Okinawa 日本語: FM21(沖縄県のコミュニティ放送局) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We Have a Radio Station Sale

By Joe Nelson has just learned in the last few minutes that 102.1 KPRI has been sold.

   A source very much 'in the know' has informed us KPRI has been sold to EMF Broadcasting

Not much more than that is known at this time, but I will publish more as it becomes available.

   EMF Broadcasting is  "Educational Media Foundation, a not for profit organization based 

out of Rocklin, CA.

   Word has it that the building has been cleared out and a flip is on the way.

Thanks for tuning in to

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Sep 27, 2015

I hate anthony bourdain...let me count the ways.......

English: The CNN Center in Atlanta.
English: The CNN Center in Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is someone who glorifies drinking.

An individual who talks about drugs with an aura of braggadocio.

Seriously, listeners, I'm so cool I can talk about these subjects....let me throw in my two cents of hard living and oh, yes, I'll brag about it, too.

I get to talk--I've been there.

And worse than all of that....he eats meat and he is completely disrespectful about it.

Yes, I would like to see Cuba just like everyone--I would love to go there--I admire him for trying to establish a relationship with the regular folks of the country he visits.

He seems to have respect as a visitor for the people he visits.......or is that just equal respect for other ultra-cool chefs like himself.

I don't like him.

If CNN shows that horrible ad of him acting like an idiot with the barbecued pig wearing a hat one more time I do not know what I am going to do.

Have you ever seen a you know how intelligent they you know how beautiful they are......have you ever looked into their eyes?

Try a little respect on for size just one time Anthony--try a little humility.

He is a jerk to the viewers and a jerk to the animals he eats,

Your thoughts.........

Sep 22, 2015

Janelle Monáe Talks Voting and Young African-American Women: From the White House

English: on the keynote panel of the 2010 Pop ...
English: on the keynote panel of the 2010 Pop Conference, EMPSFM, Seattle, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Folks line up to register to vote in Abyei.
Folks line up to register to vote in Abyei. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The White House, Washington
There was once a time when young African-American women like myself did not get the opportunity to vote. They simply could not.
I think about that every time I go to the polls to exercise that fundamental right -- not just to honor those who fought so I could have it, but because, simply put, I know that this is an essential part of our democracy.
Whether we want to change our communities, or have a say in the public issues we care about the most -- the power we have to make that happen is the power we have at the polls.
That's why I exercise my right to vote.
Are you with me?
It starts with getting registered. And today, people of all ages, of all points of view, all across the country, are doing that together. It's easy. It's fast. And you can do it right here -- no matter which state you live in.
In 2015, the fact is this: We have more voices on more platforms than ever before. It's easier than ever to post an opinion or raise a complaint on any number of social sites, and with any number of people.
But here's what I want to say to you:
You should be thinking long and hard about sharing those opinions, and saying you want action, if you aren't willing to share your most fundamental opinion where it has a direct ability to make a difference: In the voting booth.
See you at the polls -

Thanks, Janelle, for giving us your very important thoughts on this subject.

Sep 20, 2015

Hillary was just brilliant today on Face the Nation.......

Hillary 069
Hillary 069 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2008
Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Chloe Louise were so beautiful, thoughtful, brilliant and presidential today on Face the Nation. You are doing a tremendous job of representing women and all of the citizens of the United States. Today your confidence and happiness were so apparent......can't wait for you.....Chloe Louise....Hillary girl forever. My mother is 98 and she is voting for you too....she says she can certainly do a better job than any of those men that are running--she has worked very hard