Jul 3, 2015

Top Dog--Wolf Blitzer: A Certain Sway With The News

The Ronnnie Republic Anchor/Reporter Ronald "Ronnie"  photo credit--mom

No, Wolf Blitzer has always been my top dog for the news, Ronnie, lead critic of the Ronnie republic news/talk radio blog replied when asked about the recent controversy over CNN's lead anchor.

He has always had that certain something.....that certain "it" factor, that certain Mick Jagger-esque debonair.....he is not afraid to tell the story like it is.

Wolf does not mind jumping into the news ring and putting up a fight to walk away with the facts.

Not that I would ever do that--I would never ever do that......Ronnie reiterated as his train of thought seemed to stray in the moment.

Actually, that is one thing Wolf and I have in common.......humility and strength.

CNN Anchor/Reporter Wolf Blitzer
CNN Anchor/Reporter Wolf Blitzer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I  don't know what it is.....maybe it's his name--but there has always been something there that made him a winner.

Not that I am about winning or losing or fighting but I just feel like Wolf Blitzer and I grew up on the same side of the street.

Well done, Wolf--I've got your back.

Ronnie commenting on the recent dust-up and twitter comments about CNN's The Situation Room's, Wolf Blitzer.
English: The CNN Center in Atlanta.
English: The CNN Center in Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

from the news desk of the ronnie republic.

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