Jul 16, 2015

Noam Laden: No Ed Mullins--We're Not Buying It--On WABC New York Radio Today

Noam Laden from WABC Radio New York City chats  with President Alejandro Toledo of Peru......
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Noam always conducts an excellent radio news/talk show..........

He has his own show on WABC at 5 in the morning New York City time and everyone enjoys Noam Laden as a  co-anchor with Geraldo Rivera also on WABC in the 10-12 AM time slot.......that is 7-9 for  the San Diego listeners.

Today Noam is asking why are there so many homeless people in New York City.........

In San Diego we  have very  many homeless people, too.

We have to give credit in San Diego to another local excellent talk show  host and that would be Sully on KOGO San Diego..........

Sullly has had very many special shows trying to solve the homeless problem in San Diego............why does it exist and how can the problem be solved.......why does it  even exist at all now as  opposed to previous years in San Diego when the problem was not apparent.

so  here is what a very friendly and pleasant homeless  man told  me when I used to sell my jewelry at the farmer's  market in San Diego.

He said in San Diego there were always plenty of low income hotels and inexpensive coffee shops where an individual could easily survive and eat, have a place to stay for just a  few dollars  a day.

Then with the  revitalization of downtown San Diego all of these buildings were removed and not replaced.....where do  the folks  without a home stay??

There is  no low income housing in San Diego.

There are plenty of people panhandling in San Diego and Noam Laden is suggesting it is also legal in New York City.

Noam Laden also asked Sergeants Benevolent 

Association's Ed Mullins why  he  was so  enraged about the settlement 


the city  and the  family of Eric Garner.  it was a bit odd to me as Ed Mullins 

tried to tell Noam that  Eric Garner just happened to be  dead resulting from an 

unfortunate accident and that the police department was totally innocent. 

 Noam suggested the family must be very upset when they watch the video  and 

see their husband and father being taken down and murdered by the police. 


 indicated everyone has it wrong.......in fact, Eric Garner did not work or pay 

taxes---the police were  all right and Eric  Garner and his family were all wrong.

Noam Laden did not buy one bit of this horse  hockey for one minute--Ed 

 Mullins was  actually very difficult for this blog lady to hear....it was  just  too 

much.....but  good try Ed.........we are just  not  having it right now.

Thanks, Noam, for your very good show today in filling in for Geraldo Rivera.........good job and well done.

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Noam Laden and  President of Peru Alejandro Toledo

copied from @noamladen on twitter

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