Jul 30, 2015

Going Down the Wrong Road with Bill O'Reilly's Crazy Baby Data........

So, it's confusing....what is Bill O'Reilly talking about.....is he just trying to stir up trouble in politics?

Is he suffering from his own brand of Catholic guilt....again?

Talking about his recent obsession with Planned Parenthood and his conjecture that they are selling baby body parts.

Planned Parenthood has denied this on several occasions....easy to find by googling the story.....it is all over the net.

Bill claims he is angry because murder and selling are involved and taxpayer dollars have come into play......why can't America do something about  this outrage.

the last time I looked it is legal for a lady to  have an abortion......hasn't this battle already been fought.

Where is the story...........

Pro-choice, love kids, value life......but, Bill, body parts are taken out of people every day and given to another person.

Kidney transplants, heart transplants, sclera, bone.........organs are harvested on a daily basis......where is the crime.

Dare one suggest that the death of any life is a terribly sad event--any  human being of any age.

Many women have  said to this blog lady, "I do not know what I would do without Planned Parenthood."

Happy for Bill that he values life but does  he really value the idea that others have  different opinions and that he may hurt  them in the long run.

this evening he called the ladies from "Black Lives Matter" loons.   It was not right and offensive--those ladies have aright to their opinion.

they seemed so sincere in their chat that  Bill had made offensive statements,

This persons goal.....can Bill just take opposites seriously for once and not laugh at them................

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