Jul 23, 2015

Excellent Show Today, Noam, Talking About Gov Christie

WABC AM News/Talk Radio New York City.............

Noam Laden talking today for Geraldo,,,,telling us about Gov. Christie nixing a new tunnel from New Jersey.

He did not want to spend tax payer money but now the  real old tunnel is hindering the New Jerseyites getting to work.

Noam Laden is also asking the callers the question:  should the NJ taxpayers fund Christie running
Christie is too tough talking to be President
around the country in his bid for presidency.

Seriously, as first  it seemed like Christie was a breath of fresh air and straight talk from a politician--thinking it would be a great race with my girl, Hillary Clinton.

Actually, at the end of the day Chris Christie is just too hard to watch shouting down and humiliating the regular folks trying to ask him a question at the town hall meeting.

At the end of the day Chris Christie and Donald Trump  will fall by the wayside and they are not presidential material like the very well-spoken President Obama and Secretary Clinton.

There is a reason the politicians act the way they do and we can reflect on the example of Schwarzenegger.

Just reminding everyone Hillary Clinton ran the first time on improving infrastructure that was desperately needed as important bridges have failed, costing lives sadly , and also as a way to provide jobs for Americans.

Well done today, Noam and thank  you for bringing these  important points to our attention.

from the Ronnie republic radio round-up.........your thoughts........

Hey, is everyone out there listening to Art Bell on his new radio show in the night.......his show has been great.......he is a great alternative for nighttime radio........just google Art Bell and you will get right to the  show.
Ronnie enjoying a dip in Northern California

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