Jul 12, 2015

Donald Trumps Hair: Mystery Solved

Long Haired GSD
Long Haired GSD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)--long hair but the same length all over
English: Male long hair in Western culture. To...
English: Male long hair in Western culture. Totnes, UK 2008 (Saturday afternoon, about tea time) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Amateur tsumami kushi, a comb, a trad...
English: Amateur tsumami kushi, a comb, a traditional Japanese hair decoration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Hair:  Always in the news.......

What makes it tick?

What is the story behind it?

What is the true color?

How does it stay in place?

the ronnie republic has answered these questions...........

After careful lengthy observation and prolonged thought it  seems the mystery can be  solved by talking about the  cut.

It  isn't cut--more accurately it is  not layered.

It  is  all  one length cut somewhere in the back--as if it was  hand held or a pony tail that has been cut off--the blunt  cut.

It  is a  blunt  cut--combed back and held with spray.

Note the photos--in the example of the German Shepard--the hair is long but it is all the same length.  Donald has employed the strategy of the human being with long hair of one length but  simply cut it off shorter and held it in place with massive amounts of hair spray.

But Why.........

Why does it  fall forward in that odd way.........

Because the hair is too long for the  style and his hair is  thin in texture--he may have a lot of thin hair.

Image result for afghan hound
This look is difficult to pull off even for the beautiful people and once age becomes a factor, almost impossible.
So I am proposing the strange style, often referred to as the comb over, is  actually a comb back of one length of hair, held with spray and grocery store style box colored.

Maybe the attempt is  to cover the  balding crown  with the  majority of the hair in the front plagued by  a low forehead.

Image result for afghan hound
The wind is always unpredictable and risky
Look at  the back and the sides--suggesting the sides are also long and again combed back, cut in one length at  the neckline.

Well,  what do you think.................

Opposing views accepted.Image result for donald trumps hair

Image result for donald trumps hair

Check out this post suggesting he is suffering from a pretty good hair style in the 70's that has aged poorly........you know, like  the 60 year old lady with a high pony tail, gray hair and bangs--what looked really good at one time is now dated.

Perhaps the donald wants the look of the 70's for today---you know the philosophy--oh, I really have long hair but I just  cut it off and combed it back because I have to get a job now......I'm still young  and cool.


At the end of the day this is the look Donald Trump would like to achieve--this is the message he is really trying to send--but when it comes to color, texture, strength, confidence--it might just come down to gene pool.

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