Jul 21, 2015

Art Bell: The Smooth Talker is Back

The smooth talker is back and it is great to hear his voice...........

He is real  talented at late night talk--he does not carry anger  which comes through in his voice.

Art does not have a political agenda and is unbiased and he  has the  unique ability to make every guest and caller seem as  if  they are the most interesting person in the world.

To me he is a real  gift for  the listener because he is easy going and that is perfect for that time of evening.

There are many ways to listen to Art's new show,  Midnight in the Desert......

This blogger and long time news talk radio listener heard Art Bell on the Kern Radio station out of  central California--tuning into the station on the computer.

The evening before on the test  show I went directly to Art's website and listened on the player link.

Many people listen on their i-phone.

Art Bell is taking calls from all over the world.

I guess the thing I like the most about Art Bell is his gift of genuine interest in the caller and  subject matter, his easy going style--the  man can handle anything--and the fact that he just lets folks talk without yelling at them or injecting hostility into the conversation.

Well done and good  job, Art Bell.

The show is free.

here is a link to his website:


here is a list of the  radio stations carrying his show--hoping one in San Diego picks it up:

Radio Stations

Here are some real terrestrial radio stations that will pick up our show from our Internet stream and broadcast it over the air.


Tennessee – WTWW – 5,085 khz
Maine – WBCQ – 7,490 & 9,330 khz
Toronto – CFRX 6,070 khz


Anchorage – KOAN 1080 AM / 95.1 FM


Bakersfield –  KERN  1180 AM  / 96.1 FM
Fresno – KGED 1680 AM (Starting 9/28)
Loma Linda – KCAA – 1050 AM
Needles – KTOX 1340 AM


Kiowa (South Central) – KPAK 97.5 FM


Bloomington-Normal – WRPW 92.9 FM


Monticello – WXME 780 AM


Jackson – WYAB 103.9 FM


Pahrump – KNYE 95.1 FM

New Mexico

Albuquerque – KXKS 1190 AM / 107.5 FM

New York:

Amsterdam – WCSS 1490 AM
Johnstown – WIZR 930 AM / 102.9 FM
St. Johnsville – WKAJ – 1120 AM


Alva, (Northwest) – KPAK 97.5 FM


Portland – KXL 101.1 FM


Salt Lake City – KTKK 630 AM


Forest / Lynchburg – WIQO 100.9 FM
Shawsville / Roanoke / Blacksburg – WBZS 102.5 FM
Gretna / Danville / Smith Mountain Lake – WMNA 106.3 FM


Toronto, ONT – CFRB 1010 AM / CFRX 6,070 khz

copied from streamingmedia.com........

StreamGuys to Deliver and Monetize Online Radio for Dark Matter Digital Network, Art Bell’s Midnight in the Desert

Combination of dynamic ad insertion, audience measurement and robust cloud-based streaming architecture carve path to monetizing radio on the web
Bayside, California(7/20/2015) -Dark Matter Digital Network, a burgeoning online radio network focused on science, paranormal and related topical radio shows, has selected StreamGuys to provide all content delivery network (CDN) and live streaming services for its programming, including dynamic ad insertion. The appointment of StreamGuys as the network’s exclusive CDN and streaming partner coincides with paranormal radio legend Art Bell’s return to broadcasting. Mr. Bell’s new Midnight in the Desert program premieres this week, airing weeknights on Dark Matter Digital Network at 12 midnight ET.
Keith Rowland, owner of Dark Matter Digital Network and a longtime webmaster and engineer for Art Bell, has gradually built a live talent roster since launching the network in 2013. With the return of Art Bell and the addition of The Other Side of Midnight, a new show from Richard C. Hoagland airing immediately after Midnight in the Desert, Rowland sought to offload the growing responsibilities that come with a busier live streaming schedule—and a quickly growing audience.
A recommendation from TuneIn, the popular stream aggregator that will carry Midnight in the Desert via its mobile app, brought StreamGuys into the picture. StreamGuys quickly established a robust, cloud-based streaming architecture that can quickly scale up or down to accommodate audience sizes from show to show, along with redundant mp3 and AAC+ streams to accommodate most media players. Rowland also signed on for StreamGuys’ dynamic ad insertion service, ensuring a simple path to stream monetization without the burden of managing ad schedules and delivery.
“StreamGuys developed a strong combination of hardware and streaming infrastructure that covered everything from dynamic user numbers to ad delivery,” said Rowland. “They built a redundant server backbone to handle thousands of connections seamlessly, with automatic failover to backup systems as needed. It’s an intelligent configuration that can determine which server and data center location is best equipped to handle each connection. And the ad insertion service happens entirely server-side, which means we simply have to send a tone down the audio chain to trigger ads. They do all the heavy lifting, which removes the headaches of manual ad management from the client side.”
The monetization angle is especially important for Dark Matter Digital Network as a quickly growing streaming network. While 22 over-the-air radio stations in North America have signed on to pick up Midnight in the Desert from a relay stream, Rowland emphasizes that his operation is primarily an internet streaming network—a vision that he sees quickly gaining momentum.
“Increasingly, broadcasters who leave the corporate market recognize independent internet streaming as the next logical step,” said Rowland. “Even when Art Bell was on terrestrial and later satellite radio, more listeners were switching to a concurrent internet stream with each passing week. This was the next natural step for Art, and it’s exactly where we want to be as Dark Matter Digital Network. We can control everything we do, and streaming is a more exacting technology when it comes to financials. We understand our demographics, we know our audience numbers and we can monetize everything easily compared to the surveys and averages of terrestrial radio. StreamGuys is helping us achieve our monetization goals.”
About StreamGuys, Inc.
In business since 2000, StreamGuys is an industry-leading service provider of live and on-demand streaming, podcasting delivery, and SaaS toolsets for enterprise-level broadcast media organizations. The company brings together the industry’s best price-to-performance ratio, a robust and reliable network, and an infinitely scalable cloud-based platform for clients of any size to process, deliver, monetize and playout professional streaming content. StreamGuys supports many of the world’s largest Podcasts, global TV and radio broadcasters, video and audio production companies, houses of worship, retail and hospitality businesses, government organizations, medical and healthcare services, and live venues for sports and entertainment. The company excels in developing and deploying technologies for business growth and revenue generation, including dynamic ad insertion, mobile streaming and detailed business and data analytics.

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