Jun 18, 2015

So Sorry For Your Loss: To The Citizens of Charleston form the ronnie republic radio round-up.....

Another angry young man taking out his  frustrations on innocent people with a gun......

So sorry to the folks of Charleston, South Carolina, for the loss of  your friends and family members and to President Obama and Michelle for the loss of their friend.

President Obama suggested we can stop some of  this unnecessary gun violence in this country if  we choose to enact laws like that of the other advanced nations regarding gun control.

Piers Morgan tried to tell us but we  ran him out of town--we killed the messenger.

Gosh, why  not try  the  camera system that  works  so  well in the UK.

It's like we are living a pretense in the US over guns--why does the average person need  a  gun??

Geraldo Rivera said on his WABC Radio show this morning that he will be going to South Carolina right away to cover the tragedy for Fox  News.

Thank goodness Fox has  Geraldo--one person under their tent who can connect with the average citizen.

We could  see when Geraldo did his coverage of the Baltimore events  that everyone wants to  tell him what they think regardless of Geraldo's personal opinion.

Geraldo Rivera just has that gift.

Always watching Martin Savage on CNN who has the talent of reporting a  sad event and  maintaining the dignity of  the victims--I'll be  watching Fox as well to see what the folks have to say.

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