Jun 5, 2015

Noam Laden and Geraldo Rivera: Talking About Race in America

Detective Bernard Kerik
Detective Bernard Kerik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
John Edwards official Senate photo portrait.
John Edwards official Senate photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Geraldo Rivera at a Hudson Union Soci...
English: Geraldo Rivera at a Hudson Union Society event in September 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
No it has to be  said.......Noam and Geraldo held interesting discussions all week talking about race in America......what are the reasons for inner city poverty and what about stop and frisk.

Well, Geraldo has made it  very clear that he would like to reinstate stop and frisk...it is safer for everyone involved---on all sides of the issue and it is better for commerce in New York city giving the example of increased theatre sales and tourism this summer.

This blog writer  tends to agree with Noam Laden--yes, there  are problems right now but is stop and frisk fair?  Noam has given the example of the caller who said he is a business owner but never the less, he has been thrown up against the wall by police officers and treated in an unkind manner simply because of his color or the way he was dressed.  This  fellow owns a  bail bond business.

It seems  there is  a much larger problem and one can remember  John Edwards  when he said there were two Americas.

We have to give credit to Geraldo Rivera and Noam Laden for discussing the issue and disagreeing on the main premise......they both do want fair treatment for everyone  but again, stop and frisk is at the crux of the issue.

Noam and Geraldo are not afraid to listen to the callers.  Geraldo's  show can always be credited with actually being a "talk" show--one of the few out there that can wear the title of news/talk with honesty.  Geraldo is not afraid for anyone to disagree with him.....everyone from the big political talkers to the angry grandmas to the police department...they are all going to call up  and tell Geraldo what they think.

Noam Laden said this  morning that he enjoyed reading the recent book of former police commissioner Bernie Kerik.  Bernie is a friend of Geraldo and Noam and a friend of the show.  Bernie also has the gift of putting a human emotion on the face of the police officers.    It is so easy to say all of the cops out there are only good or bad.

thanks, Bernie for reminding us that the hard working police officers are human beings with families.

Noam said that  Bernie has  also reminded us in his  book that once someone is in prison there is no rehabilitation coming out.  One is just left out there on their own to fend for themselves without any kind of training whatsoever.

I can only refer to my friend in Wichita in the lower income part of town.  He  recently got out of prison and he had so little knowledge to help  him move forward.   He did  not have any job skills, any computer skills, any television, four kids he was trying to raise with his girl. The rehab guy from the prison had apparently run off with the  cash that was intended to help the recent men released.

This very friendly individual was trying so very hard to  live correctly--he had so little going for him.  He had absolutely zero social mobility.

Yes, one could  say everything was of his own doing  but  he  had so little to go on when he wanted to live correctly.  The problems  he had were so removed  from this  blogger one  could  not imagine  his struggles.

The words of  John Edwards still  ring true today.

As  Noam and Geraldo and Bernie  suggested the problem is  very much deeper than stop and frisk.  the problem of poverty seems so complex the answer must be  very difficult.

Good  job  to  Noam and Geraldo and Bernie for trying to talk  about the issue and bringing in the opinion and thoughts of the folks of the city.

Thanks for not being afraid..

read this information in the New York Daily News to learn more about Bernie's new book:  From Jailer to Jailed:  My Journey from Correction and Police Commissioner to Inmate #84888-054


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