Jun 22, 2015

Mick Taylor Fondly Remembers Bobby Keys.......

The Rolling Stones are playing in Nashville tonight.
I hope they'll dedicate the show to Bobby - and spare a thought for his children Amber and Huck.
It's interesting how Bobby and I entered the band at the same time, when we were called in to record 'Live With Me' in May 1969. We were both out of favour with them for a number of years, and even lived and worked together in Miami in the 90s. He was meant to do the postponed dates in Australia/NZ with us for the 14 On Fire tour, but sadly he didn't make it to Adelaide. Unfortunately it would also turn out to be my last time going on the road with the band.
I think this is a wonderful photograph of Bobby Keys. Alan Messer took this in April 2011, backstage at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville.

copied from the facebook page of Mick Taylor
and here is a link to that page:

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