Jun 30, 2015

Joan Hamburg's Saturday Radio Show

English: Mary Higgins Clark at the Mystery Boo...
English: Mary Higgins Clark at the Mystery Bookstore in Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
T. Williams (1965)
T. Williams (1965) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Seriously, I love this lady......she is really nice and she has good information......just that simple.

That would be Saturday 11-1 PM on WABC News/Talk Radio New York City.

This Saturday we had  the privilege of listening to Joan's friend, author Mary Higgins Clark talk about her new book involving a Countess and a Bernie Madoff type figure.  In The Melody Lingers On
the mystery surounds  the disappearance of this former financial guru and the money.  Where did they go.........

It was really fun to hear Mary Higgins Clark chat about her history as a writer and her tales of getting started and sharing time in a The Monkey Bar frequented by Tennessee Williams.  Finally a friend suggested Tennessee Williams might like to read her book and help her get a break in the literary world.  After reluctantly giving in Tennessee told Mary Higgins Clark he had many friends that were constantly bugging him and they wrote much better than she did.

Actually, Joan Hamburg had a  very informative political guest this weekend, also..........political strategist Ron Christie gave us his take on the republican party line-up and the reality of the bombastic Donald Trump ever making it to the presidency.

Ron Christie told  us that in fact Trump had not even filled out the mandatory paper listing his address in  order to run for the highest office in our country.  Ron said he felt Trump and fellow big talker Chris  Christie would not be  a  threat to the dems.

Actually, I listen to the show on my comp--it was so easy in those chrome book days gone by.....just  by the simplicity of the thing......but any computer works well to hear Joan.

At the end of the day it is fun to hear Joan any time for just plain pleasant listening to a nice and interesting lady......on the podcast, on the comp or in real time.  Joan has the best ideas for shows to see and where to get a  bite to eat in New York City......it just sounds so fun.

I would love to take a trip and see Joan Hamburg's New York City..............

Thanks, Joan--good listening and well-done.


Art Bell is coming back to the radio and the net scheduled to launch July 20........I love George Noory but it would be so refreshing if he could  just lay off the one sided politics.

Your take.....comments welcome....agree or disagree.

Please go to the WABC website and listen to Joan's show on the podcast......let me know what you  think.

here is a link to the podcast page of Joan Hamburg:


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