Jun 12, 2015

from the ronnie republic radio round-up: Carl DeMaio and Sully--News/Talk Radio--KOGO 600 AM San Diego

Carl DeMaio likes cats

Chloe Louise

Long time KOGO listener and Sully fan for a very long time.............

Sully, Merrill, Kevin Finnerty...........they make news/talk radio enjoyable in San Diego........Sully's conversations re:  the individuals without permanent housing in San Diego is admirable........former mayoral candidate, Carl De Maio is a brilliant addition to the afternoon line-up.

KOGO and the San Diego listeners are lucky to have his opinion on local and national political topics. 

Carl....love your radio show on KOGO 600 and listen to it whenever I can. 

While I am a dem and disagree with many of your policies I still always want to hear both sides and you present your case very well without anger and bashing. 

By the time you and Sully are finished discussing an issue I feel well informed. 

I really like getting to know you on the radio and you have so much to offer about San Diego politics and that kind of information is always interesting and valuable. 

Well done on not just being a one dimensional angry Republican. 

Seriously, the GOP can use more people like you and less like Bill O'Reilly.......good job.......always listening to the radio.....chloelouise from the ronnie republic.

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