Jun 8, 2015

Cliff Albert of KOGO Am Radio San Diego Interviews Danuta of Sun Up Fame

Hey, do you  remember Sun Up San Diego.......

Bob Mills, Sue White, Gerry G. Bishop, Ray Wilson and Danuta?Danuta Soderman Pfeiffer Chiseled book

Gosh, we watched them every morning on  CBS Channel 8 growing up in San Diego.

Seriously, I said Hi to Bob Mills at the Del Mar Fair one time and felt I had met a celebrity.

Well, we  had the pleasure of hearing Cliff Albert interviewing Danuta Pfeiffer this afternoon on KOGO 600 News/Talk Radio in San Diego.

It was so fun to hear about  Danuta because I had always wondered what had happened to her after she left Sun Up for  The PTL 700 Club.

Always admiring Danuta's  faith I had looked her  up on the Internet several times.

Well, it turns out Danuta Pfeiffer  really  did not have as much of a story book life as it appeared on San Diego morning television.

Always remembering her cheery personality--she just seemed genuine to me.

Danuta has decided to write a book called "Chiseled," describing her confusing life of trials and tribulations.

Actually, my life, like many others, has been confusing, also, and it is always appreciated to find out how someone deals with the problems life throws at us yet maintains their strength.

I think Danuta is still trying to decipher the legacy her  father has left her  and my heart went out to her on that note.

Danuta Pfieffer also  had the courage to share with the listeners her story of having a baby  all by  herself alone in her room at  the ripe old age of sixteen years old.

You see here is  what happens........when life gives you some of these  turns one ends up not having the wisdom or the confidence or self-esteem to always  make the best decisions--particularly at a young age.

At the  end of the  day it  is real hard  to always do the right things given this unusual string of events that can lead to ridicule  from other adults.........actually, it can hurt  your feelings..

Good job Cliff  and Danuta and  thank you for  telling us about your  very interesting life.  I can't wait to read  your  new book and I  wish you the best of luck.

I  think this heartfelt book will give other women courage.....well done.

Here is a link to her website and more information about her book:


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