Jun 11, 2015

Ben Carson: Another One Bites The Dust........

English: The CNN Center in Atlanta.
English: The CNN Center in Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Refusing to answer questions on CNN's morning show with Brianna Keilar filling in for my man Wolf Blitzer.

The Big money will not back him in the long run after his comments about gay Americans.

No, Ben, you  can't just say whatever you  want without  thinking, without an explanation and then refusing to talk about it.

This man is way to arrogant and offensive to this blogger.......never feeling that he would  represent me at all as president of this United States.

CNN Anchor/Reporter Wolf Blitzer
CNN Anchor/Reporter Wolf Blitzer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Talking this morning form Iowa on the campaign trail and making a reference to gay Americans not suffering in comparison to blacks being discriminated at water fountains in years gone by.

Brianna tried to ask him several times if he thought gays were discriminated against at all now or at any point in history and the man refused to answer......trying to say  any group has  suffered at one point or another......but he does believe in traditional marriage.

Seriously, Ben, you are not for me.

Actually, your remarks are offensive and I am thinking you will not represent everyone equally if you were elected.

At the end of the day let's remember who is voting and all of the different kinds of people who are involved in the political conversation today.

Can't wait for Hillary.

Chloe Louise........Hillary girl forever

Here is a link to the story on Mediaite and a video of the event:


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