May 29, 2015

Can't Wait To Hear Art Bell


Always listening to talk radio.....can't wait for the new  show of Art Bell.

No, I always knew Art was a very talented radio show host but lately night time talk radio has become a vast wasteland of  uninteresting chit chat with an ultra conservative political agenda ad nauseum........not to mention boring.

Who  decided the nighttime format warranted unending political editorials,,,,,,,,,leave it to the daytime and CNN.

What happened to plain old interesting and sometimes bizarre UFO talk?

Where we were once able to enjoy  an engaged talk  show host the likes  of Larry King or  George Strombo we are now left with one-sided political  droning.

It even seems  like the current regular   nighttime man is  more interested in promoting his own commercial  agenda at the expense of the listener and the guest.

Enter Art Bell.........

I guess what one does  not really understand, like all very talented individuals, is that it very difficult to keep  a talk show going at an interesting and engaging level night after night.  It must require a certain level of focus and genuine interest.

We  never realized just  how gifted Art Bell was until he  was  gone.......Yes, we have  George Knapp, but not on a regular basis.

Give a listen to Art's old shows......he makes the guest sound as if we  are so lucky to  hear his opinion and take on things.   Art has  the knack of making the subject matter important and worthwhile.

When one listens to the very old shows and they are way better than the current........I think we  have to give credit to the host.

Can't wait for  your return Mister Art Bell.......It's been way  too long.  I am going to appreciate you more this time.

Here is a link to Art's page telling all about  his  new  show........

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