Jan 10, 2015

Joan Hamburg: The Best New Radio Show--WABC 77 New York

Leave it to WABC 77 New York Radio for the very best listening during the day.....

Always listening to Geraldo and Noam every morning for the latest news, the big political talkers and the best radio information--seriously, Geraldo does the best radio talk news show out there.

Geraldo has the gift of listening to both sides, saying his opinion and making a good show--WABC is lucky to have him.

Challenging anyone to find a better radio show that gives all sides of the latest political view and conduct an interesting show.  The listener is the winner because they have the information.  the defining factor.....Geraldo is not afraid of new information, even if he disagrees--highly unusual in talk radio today.

Follow with the hilarious and again both sides--intelligent radio for the intelligent radio listener...Curtis and Kuby.

But the very best and latest Saturday addition that no one should miss is Joan Hamburg.

This lady has her finger on the pulse of the latest New York information......

Her recipes and restaurant info is to die for........I'm still waiting to make her dressing--crackers and onions and chicken drippings--I'm down for that, Joan.

Please listen to her best interviews show for recipes from the New York Times featuring smothered chicken.

Is there a better value in cooking than a whole chicken....so delicious and so fun to prepare and eat with your family.......

Family people........much to many of my associates dismay......children or dogs and cats......they all like chicken.

Joan interviews Gail Sheey, Harvery Firestein, a very informative stint with a physician describing the death of Joan Rivers...the who what when where why and how......

Love Joan--if you are trying to visit New York to see Letterman--she can tell you where to have a bite to eat and fills one in on the details of the expense account.

I love Joan.......it seems like I am listening to an old friend.....she is perfect for Saturday.....she is also a brilliant radio host.

Wish her the best......

here is a link to the radio station......click on Joan Hamburg and go to the podcast....guaranteed good listening....tell me what you think.

here is a link to Joan's page and I am suggesting the Jan 3rd recap......


Please do not forget Larry Mendte on Sunday evenings...also he often fills in for Geraldo......love listening to Larry because he always does his homework and has his facts....agree of disagree he stands behind his idea......just another talented radio host on WABC

from the ronnie republic radio round-up....thank you for reading...please share  your thoughts about the radio.....

What's up with George Noory--what day did Coast to Coast AM become a proponent for the ultra conservative right wing agenda.....I'm telling At Bell......

Ronnie and the cats....looks like they are sleeping but they are really listening to Joan

Here's Chloe--Chloe always listens to Joan every Sat--Chlo also listens to Howard Stern because he like Maine Coons

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